Lord. I was born a Random Ramblings Man!!

Adolf Hitler’s long-lost collection of paintings discovered

I wonder if there were any paintings of happy little trees.

Matt Kenseth wins Daytona 500 after fire and rain

He turned left much faster and more times than anyone else.

So, they built this really awesome waterfall at the hospital where I work. The water goes over these rocks and it just flows and flows and…would you excuse me? I have to go pee.

1 in 3 Kids Drink Too Much Juice

It’s the 2 kids that put gin in their juice that I’m worried about.

Banker’s Insulting Waitress Tip Incites Class Warfare Between the 1% and the 99%

$1.33 on a $134.00 and some change meal. If foresight were 20/20 that was one huge lugie in that guys food.

Couple Lets Facebook Poll Decide Their Baby’s Name

I knew some folks that did that a few years ago. I heard that Doggystyle Anal Jones III is doing great.

Kim Dotcom to learn bail fate tomorrow

I really could care less. What I want to know is whether he was pissed that the moniker Kim Possible was taken.

Stars to celebrate Johnny Cash‘s 80th with concert

All joking aside, the man was, is and will always be a true legend.

Miranda Lambert questions Chris Brown performances at the Grammys

Miranda, I looked it up and found out that February 12, 2012 was Bring a Woman Beating Piece of Crap to the Grammy Awards day.

and finally…

JERSEY DEVIL finally captured in the Pine Barrens after nearly 300 years. See photo below. (Warning: Not suitable for children)

Take care and stay scared, everybody!





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