SCREAM QUEEN of the Month-March 2012-Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried


Emma Stone-March 2012 Co-Scream Queen of the Month


Amanda Seyfried-March 2012 Co-Scream Queen of the Month

I’m going to be 50 years old this Sunday. So I thought for this month I would feature 2 lovely and talented ladies who are at that age where they probably would not give a guy my age the time of day. Amanda Seyfried has cut her horror chops in such films as Jennifer’s Body and Red Riding Hood. Her latest film is the thriller Gone.
The oh so beautiful Emma Stone was the object of Jesse Eisenberg‘s affections in the horror-comedy Zombieland and will portray Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-man.
It is with great pleasure that we (meaning me) here at Written in Blood congratulate these two young ladies as Co-Scream Queens of the Month for March, 2012!!
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I was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 4, 1962. I guess that makes me old, but I certainly don't feel that way. I still play video games and listen to rock and roll music. I love movies, especially horror films. I have a beautiful wife who is my all time best friend. She supports me in everything I do. More importantly, she calls me out on my bullshit. This blog is dedicated to her for everything she's done for me.

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