I’m feeling a bit tired and a little lazy, but I still want to get a post in for today. So instead of writing some long review I thought I would just share some of my favorite images of werewolves that I’ve discovered while doing the Google thing. I don’t know who the artists are for the particular pieces I’m featuring here; so if you see a piece that belongs to you or you know to whom it belongs then let me know and I will either give you proper credit or will remove it if you so desire. I’m not trying to step on anyone’s paws here.  I’ve given credit to the ones I could find a name to attach to the art. Enjoy.

Art by Glenn Rane

Art by Aaron Sims

About jmount43

I was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 4, 1962. I guess that makes me old, but I certainly don't feel that way. I still play video games and listen to rock and roll music. I love movies, especially horror films. I have a beautiful wife who is my all time best friend. She supports me in everything I do. More importantly, she calls me out on my bullshit. This blog is dedicated to her for everything she's done for me.
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  1. Victor De Leon says:

    epic! great post.

  2. Now they look cool, better than all the wolves they seem to have now, tails and all :(

  3. Tyson Carter says:

    Man I wish I could draw…….

    Good stuff here John :)

  4. Reblogged this on Official Site of Alex Laybourne – Author and commented:
    I love werewolves and this collection of images is cool.

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