JUG FACE-United States-81 Mins. 2013


Lauren Ashley Carter as Ada in Jug Face

Lauren Ashley Carter as Ada in Jug Face

Sean Bridgers as Dawai in Jug Face

Sean Bridgers as Dawai in Jug Face

Sean Young as Loriss in Jug Face

Sean Young as Loriss in Jug Face

Larry Fessenden as Sustin in Jug Face

Larry Fessenden as Sustin in Jug Face

Daniel Manche as Jessaby in Jug Face

Daniel Manche as Jessaby in Jug Face

Directed and written by Chad Crawford Kinkle

You’re going to have to bear with me for this one; it’s going to take a lot of explaining. I shall begin at the beginning; we see a young girl, Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter, The Woman, Premium Rush) in a sexual liaison with a young man, Jessaby (Daniel Manche, The Girl Next Door, I Sell the Dead). Later, we find out that Ada has been chosen by Bodey (Mathieu Whitman) to be his wife and be the mother of his children. She just has to be pure, that is all. Refer to the part about her fornicating with Jessaby and you’ll have the answer to that one. What we haven’t found out up to this moment is that Jessaby is her brother. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking some backwoods shenanigans going on here.

Meanwhile, Dawai (Sean Bridgers, The Woman, Sweet Home Alabama), a simpleton, is spinning a jug out on his potter’s wheel. This is where it gets weird; as if incest wasn’t weird enough. There is a place called the Pit and there is a creature in the Pit that heals the people as long as it gets what it wants and what it wants is a sacrifice every now and then. The way the people know who to sacrifice to the pit is through Dawai; the Pit gives him a face and he makes a jug. Whoever’s face is on the jug is sacrificed to the Pit. This time the face on the Jug is Ada’s. Ada finds the jug and hides it; thereby angering the Pit. “The Pit wants what it wants”, she hears continually from Loriss (Sean Young, Blade Runner, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) and Sustin (Larry Fessenden, Habit, We Are What We Are), her mother and the keeper of the Pit, respectively. Pretty soon Ada is seeing the smoky apparition of a boy and seeing through the Pit’s eyes who it intends to take until she comes forward and makes things right by taking her position as the next sacrifice. End of story; or at least as much as I am willing to tell you.

Aside from the incest and the strange religious beliefs of the backwoods characters in Jug Face, the thing that I found weirdest of all was that I actually liked the movie. I liked the flow of the film and the cadence of the speech of the characters. I liked the redneck drama and the subtle moments of gore when the Pit would take someone. Jug Face isn’t a classic film; hell, it’s not even a great movie. The plot of the film fills the movie nicely; but the length of Jug Face (81 Minutes) makes it seem more like an extended episode of a TV show than that of a motion picture. Still, the acting is good and we get to see a mini-reunion of actors who have appeared in films either based on books by Jack Ketchum (The Woman, The Girl Next Door) or directed by Lucky McKee (The Woman). Just for that fact alone raises my appreciation for Jug Face. If only it didn’t have that ‘incest is best, put your sister to the test’ thing going for it.


Potter and sculptor, Jason Mahlke, designed and created the Face Jugs for the film.


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  1. I am not completely surprised that someone made a movie about a jug face, because if you’re ever seen the old pottery moonshine jugs with faces you know those things are really creepy, but it sounds like they were pretty creative with it. Is this on Hulu Plus? It seems like I passed over it last night while looking for a movie but I can’t remember where.

  2. Some people made fun of me when I said I liked this movie – but I did : )

    • I had someone on facebook griping about it. They said it was slow and they only got through 40 minutes of it. Well, the movie is 81 minutes; which means they got half-way and quit. Why not finish the movie? I liked it, so you’re not alone.

  3. Hmmm. Sounds decent. Not great.

    Makes it unlikely I’ll hurry to see it. ;-) Good review.

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