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Karolina Herfurth as Lena

Karolina Herfurth as Lena

Nina Hoss as Louise

Nina Hoss as Louise

Jennifer Ulrich as Charlotte

Jennifer Ulrich as Charlotte

Anna Fischer as Nora

Anna Fischer as Nora

Directed by Dennis Gansel

Story by Dennis Gansel

Written by Jan Berger and Dennis Gansel

We Are the Night is your typical vampire movie in that it explores the same themes i.e. sex, immortality, immorality and hedonistic behavior that countless other films of the genre that are not called Twilight cover. It’s the story of three vampires, Louise, Charlotte and Nora, and their recruitment of Lena, a young pickpocket on the streets of Berlin, into the ranks of the un-dead. There are no male vampires in this movie, only females. The males were too stupid to co-exist and were killed off by the women. But then maybe I’m getting ahead of myself in this review. I’m a little drunk, don’t you know?

Lena is seduced by Louise, the leader, who is blonde, statuesque and doe-eyed. It’s clear that Louise is the one who turned Charlotte and Nora. It’s also clear that they have been vampires (a word that is never uttered) since at least the 18th century. Now, after Lena’s transformation is complete and she joins this ghastly trio the four of them take Berlin by storm racing in stolen cars and, in the case of Charlotte, putting out their cigarettes on their eyeballs to the chagrin of restaurant patrons. Life is good and hedonism is the life for them. It makes it sad because you know that there will be a final, albeit expected and somewhat predictable confrontation between Lena and Louise. There is that and the results may not be what you perceive them to be.

I was pleasantly surprised with We Are the Night. Yes, there are predictable moments but the film never ventures into Twilight territory and actually features some rather spectacular moments of action in between all the un-dead all-girl bloodsucking action. It took me nearly six months to watch the movie-I’ve had it on my Netflix queue for that long. My only complaint is that it’s dubbed in English instead of being presented in its original German with subtitles. But that’s a minor complaint. We Are the Night is well worth your time if you’re into that whole gorgeous female vampire cum action movie stuff. 



The word “vampire” is not said once in the entire film.

Nina Hoss was always the first and only choice as Louise when Dennis Gansel wrote the script in 1999. She wanted the part from the get go. Karoline Herfurth had also been attached since the 90s but was too young to play Lena, the part Gansel wanted to give her. Instead he promised her the part of Nora. Due to the delay in production, however, Herfurth was old enough to play Lena when the film was finally green-lit.

According to Dennis Gansel, the vampires each represents a time in German history he thought where a high point Louise represents the late 1700’s, Charlotte the 1920’s and the golden age of German films and Nora the 1990’s after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Dennis Gansel had a cameo in the film, like he usually does, as a police officer. The scene was deleted. In the scene he had one line before his character got his throat viciously slashed by Louise.

Jennifer Ulrich wanted there to be as much blood as possible.


Karolina Herfurth also appears in The Reader and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

Nina Hoss also appears in Barbara and Yella.

Jennifer Ulrich also appears in The Wave and The Cloud.

Anna Fischer also appears in The Dead and the Living.


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Hello again, ghost story fans! I promised that I would share my own personal ghost story and that is exactly what I am doing with today’s post. Check it out:

I was 13, maybe 14 years old when it first happened; which would be sometime in 1975-1976. My grandmother had passed away about a year before at the age of 97. Grandma was a strange sort, seeing as to how she took to wandering the house late at night, shuffling her slippers on the carpet. Don’t even get me started on the banana peels she would stuff in the heating vent in the floor in her bedroom. There were many times when I would be watching Chief Wahoo McDaniel chopping the snot out of some poor jobber on World Wide Wrestling late Saturday night only to look up and see Grandma, with her Albert Einstein hair and a washcloth in her mouth peering around the corner at me sitting on the couch. She nearly gave me a heart attack every time. I would always just say, “Go to bed, Grandma.” and she would moan and I would hear her feet shuffling as she made her way back to bed.

I’m going around the world with this story, but I am getting to the point. After Grandma died I moved into her old bedroom. Her room, and her bed, was way bigger than the previous one I was residing in. One Sunday night I was nearly asleep with my body turned toward the wall when I heard a familiar shuffling behind me. It’s just Grandma, I thought; I’ll tell her to go back to bed.

“Grandma, go back to bed.”

Now, there are two very important facts to consider here. One, Grandma had been dead for at least a year. Two, I was sleeping in her old bed. I heard a moan and more shuffling and you can imagine my surprise when I felt the bed push down behind me as if someone were indeed crawling into bed with me. You can imagine my even greater surprise when I felt them pressed up against me, back to back. As I stated earlier, I was facing the wall; needless to say I was too scared to turn over and see who or what had crawled into that bed with me. This was not the last time that this would happen. It went on for at least six months and then it stopped, cold. I have no idea why it stopped. I asked my parents about it and they looked at me as if I just grown a horn in the middle of my head. All I know is that, aside from the initial incident, I never felt afraid when it would happen; I figured Grandma would never hurt me while she was living and she never would while she was dead, either. That’s my ghost story and I’m sticking to it.

Do you have a personal ghost story to share? If you do, then by all means we want to hear it. ‘We’ meaning me and the people who read this blog. Send your story to:

Try to make it at least 100 words and remember to let me know whether or not you want your real name, or a nickname, to be used when the story is posted. I look forward to reading the accounts of your experiences. Take care…and stay scared.


From NEAR DARK featuring Adrian Pasdar as Caleb Colton and Lance Henriksen (pictured) as Jesse Hooker:


Caleb:How old are you?

Jesse: Let’s put it this way: I fought for the South.

Caleb: South?

Jesse: We lost.


From FINAL DESTINATION and featuring Tony Todd as Bludworth:


In death there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes.


From Motel Hell and featuring Rory Calhoun as Farmer Vincent Smith:



From The Silence of the Lambs and featuring Ted Levine as Jame Gumb aka ‘Buffalo Bill‘:



From SEVEN and featuring Richard Portnow as Dr. Beardsley and Michael Reid Mackay as Victor (Sin of Sloth)



From JEEPERS CREEPERS and featuring Justin Long as Darry Jenner and ? as the Creeper:




Let me start by telling you that the story you are about to read is 100% bullshit free. My parents, my brother and sister and I lived in my grandmother’s house when I was growing up in Spartanburg,South Carolina. I don’t remember if my two siblings were still living there when all this happened, but that doesn’t matter. It happened to me, not to them.

To say that my grandmother was an eccentric woman is pretty much hitting the ten-penny nail on the head. When I was growing up she was already well into her 90’s. She used to yell at the TV if her beloved wrestling show was interrupted. When they cut into the show to announce that we had landed on the moon I could her shouting “I wish they’d land on the sun. Interrupt my rasslin’ for this garbage, dadblast’em!!” Yes, indeed, grandma was quite a sweetheart.

As the years passed she began to get a little bit crazier and a whole lot sneakier. You don’t know what it’s like to be all alone in the house with her late at night. My mother and father would be out and my brother and sister would be with friends. I’d be at home stretched out on the couch watching “World Wide Wrestling“. I was reveling in the joy of watching Wahoo McDaniel tomahawk chop the living snot out of the hated ‘Nature BoyRic Flair. Suddenly I would catch something out of the corner of my eye that made me jump clean out of my skin. It was my grandma, peering around the corner, her white hair standing up like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein and with a wash cloth dangling out of her mouth. Now just sit back and get a good mental picture of that and tell me you wouldn’t jump too. Anyways, after the initial scare wore off I would do what I would always do and that would be to calmly tell her ‘Grandma, go to bed.’ She would let out a low moan and then I would hear her shuffling her house slippers across the carpet as she headed back toward her room. I would continue watching the wrestling and all would be well.

When my grandma was 97 she fell and broke her hip. As is the case many a time with an injury of that magnitude she did not recover. Soon after her death I moved into her bedroom. It was about a year after that the main part of this story, which I have taken all the way around the world, took place.

It was late one night, probably around 2 a.m. I was lying in bed facing the wall with my back to the room. I heard the sound of my grandmother’s slippers shuffling on the carpet behind me. Without thinking I did what I always did when I heard her moving about through the house at night. ‘Grandma, go to bed.’ I heard that low familiar moan and I knew that she had heard me and was on her way to bed. Now, there are just two things wrong with that whole situation I just told you about. One, my grandmother had been deceased for a little over a year and two…

…I was in her bed.

I froze with that little piece of information running through my brain. Then, and like the rest of the tale this part is 100% bullshit free, I felt the bed shift behind me as if there were someone crawling into it. I could feel their back against mine as they settled in to sleep. I know you may think that it was my brother or sister but neither of them were the type to play a practical joke. It certainly wasn’t my mother and father. They had very little sense of humor and were well into their eighth hour of sleep.

I didn’t turn over the entire night. I finally feel asleep around 5 a.m. When I did I could still feel my grandmother’s back pressed against my own. I still to this day don’t know why she paid me that little visit. Maybe it was to say goodbye and to let me know she was okay. Maybe she wanted to feel the warmth and comfort of her old bed again.

Then again maybe she just wanted to scare the shit out of me one last time.


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