When a butcher loses his dog, his life starts to unravel.

Written and directed by Brian Crano.

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Cory Michael Smith and David Craig.

Filmed in the United States.

18 minutes and 17 seconds.

Winner Best Horror/Suspense film at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival.

I have three dogs; Clarice, a terrier and named for The Silence of the Lambs character; Molly, a pug whose superpower is excessive napping; and Bella, a German shepherd who for some odd reason I have given the human voice of Don Knotts. I love all of them but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Clarice by a long shot. She has enough energy, spunk and above all personality for 50 dogs and will carry on long conversations with you if you get her started. If anything bad were to happen to her I would be heartbroken. If anyone were to harm her I would be very angry and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. I guess that’s why I have a great deal of sympathy for Declan (Cory Michael Smith aka Edward Nygma on TV’s Gotham) in this week’s Short Film Saturday installment Dog Food. Of course to say much more would be to give away the film before you even see it. Let’s just say there’s a twist and then there’s a twist and leave it at that. Enjoy.


SynopsisA flesh-eating virus makes a meal of 5 teens on spring break in a remote wood cabin in this update of Eli Roth’s classic gorefest, with all-new characters and all-new kills.

I’m sure that by now a lot of you have already seen the trailer for the Cabin Fever remake. I’ve seen it on at least two blogs that I know a lot of you also follow. To make a long story short I’m feeling a little lazy and plus I have to take my wife to an appointment and therefore don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this week’s post.

Directed by Travis Zariwny and written by Randy Pearlstein from an original screenplay by Eli Roth, Cabin Fever will star Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis, Dustin Ingram, and Nadine Crocker. The film is set for limited release in the United States beginning February 12, 2016. Check out the trailer and poster below.




Zelda Rubinstein’s last movie.


February already?!? Where do the days go? Here’s another set of alternative posters for you all. Enjoy.

Die Hard by Daniel Norris

Die Hard by Daniel Norris

First Blood by Ken Taylor

First Blood by Ken Taylor

Harry Potter by Laz Marquez

Harry Potter by Laz Marquez

Phantasm by Justin Erickson

Phantasm by Justin Erickson

Terminator 2: Judgment Day by James White

Terminator 2: Judgment Day by James White

Sailor Moon by Lazare Gvimradze

Sailor Moon by Lazare Gvimradze

Sherlock by Traci Ching

Sherlock by Traci Ching

The Wolverine by Matt Ferguson

The Wolverine by Matt Ferguson

X-men: Days of Future Past by Guy Stauber

X-men: Days of Future Past by Guy Stauber

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan by Matt Ryan Tobin

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan by Matt Ryan Tobin




You may like having a good lunch in a quiet place as a park… But what if your lunch doesn’t?

In the street everyone can hear you scream, but honestly who cares?

Directed by Paul Alexandre, Dara Cazamea, Maxime Cazaux, Romain Delaunay and Bruno Ortolland.

Made in France at Supinfocom.

6 minutes and 53 seconds.

There is no other way to explain Hambuster than for what it is: bug nuts crazy. This is one demented and deranged piece of horror animation that will have you laughing, gasping and especially keeping an eye on that burger that you’re getting ready to force down your gullet. One thing’s for certain: you’ll never look at fast food the same way again after watching this one*.


*Actually you probably will; I just have to throw stuff like that in for dramatic purposes.


Synopsis: The film tells the story of a father and son who are forced to move to an old cabin in the woods after a devastating tragedy. The forest unearths a tribe of Sasquatch who are determined to protect their land.

It used to be that you could count the number of Sasquatch movies on one hand and you only needed two fingers to do it. Nowadays you can throw a rock in any direction and you’ll hit one. I threw a rock down the street yesterday and hit Willow Creek. This new one, Valley of the Sasquatch looks like it might be a darn good one. It got my attention; then again I’m kind of a sucker for these movies.

Valley of the Sasquatch stars Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Jason Vail, David Saucedo, D’Angelo Midili and the always reliable Bill Oberst, Jr. It is written and directed by John Portanova. The film has been nominated in several categories at various festivals including the 2015 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego, California (where it won for Best Cinematography for Jeremy Berg); the 2015 Horrorhound Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana; the 2015 Idaho Horror Film Festival in Boise, Idaho where it won Best Feature; finally the 2015 Chicago Paracon Film Festival in Chicago, Illinois where it again won for Best Feature.

Check out the trailer and poster below.




Crystal Lowe

Did you know that in the ‘tanning beds of terror’ scene in Final Destination 3 that this month’s Scream Queen and December 2014 Scream Queen Chelan Simmons were the ultimate hot chicks? That was bad, I know; it’s my way of saying that if I featured one tanning bed twin as a Scream Queen that I should get around to featuring the other one, also.

Born January 20, 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (what do you know; I’m writing this on her birthday), the lovely Miss Lowe and her family moved to Hong Kong where she became fluent in the Cantonese language. A natural beauty, she has entered such modeling contests as “Miss Teen Oriental”. She has been a Sunshine Calendar Girl, done various magazine covers and appeared in numerous swimsuit competitions.

Crystal made her debut in the horror and thriller genre in 2000 with Sanctimony. She followed that up in 2001 with Children of the Corn: Revelation and in 2002 with the Christopher Nolan remake of Insomnia. In 2005 she starred in the lady vampire thriller Thralls and in 2006 was a sizzling star in Final Destination 3 as well as being Chingy’s girl in Scary Movie 4. Not done with horror in 2006 just yet she endured Snakes on a Plane and a fairly decent remake of Black Christmas. 2007 saw Miss Lowe in a bikini doing naughty things for the sake of fame in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Skipping to 2012 (she stayed busy in the five years between, don’t worry), she appeared in A Little Bit Zombie.

Crystal has a list of genre TV credits starting with The Twilight Zone episode “Harsh Mistress” in 2002. She played Lily in the Larry Cohen-directed episode of Masters of Horror “Pick Me Up” in 2006. 2008 found her in the TV movie Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon and in 2009 she made a guest appearance alongside the Winchester boys on Supernatural.

It is time that I put away the tasteless jokes about ‘hot chicks’ and ‘sizzling stars’ and invite you all to bid welcome to the February, 2016 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month: the lovely Crystal Lowe!

The Lowe-down on Lowe

Is good friends with actress Katharine Isabelle.

Is good friends with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. They were also roommates.

Her mother is Scottish, and her father is Chinese.

Crystal Clear Quotes

“There is so much about modeling that I don’t like! What I hate? It makes you so image conscious all the time. I like to be healthy and stay fit. I am constantly thinking that I have to weigh this much, which is always on my mind, regarding working out and watching what I eat.”