CHRONICLE-United States/United Kingdom-2012

Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer

Alex Russell as Matt Garetty

Michael B. Jordan as Steve Montgomery

Directed by Josh Trank
Story by Max Landis and Josh Trank
Screenplay by Max Landis

This question is for my older readers, the ones that have graduated high school. How many times have you found yourself thinking about what you would do differently if you could do high school all over again? Maybe you were bullied and would like to put your foot so far up that bully’s ass he could tell you what size shoe you’re wearing. Maybe a parent(s) gave you grief about every little thing. Would you change that? Was there a special girl? Were you a popular kid or a complete social misfit? For me high school was an ordeal, not an experience. I wasn’t very popular, I was bullied and yes, my parents, especially my dad, gave me grief. So while I was watching Chronicle, the latest cinema verité/found footage thriller about three teenagers who acquire telekinetic powers, I found myself sympathizing with Andrew Detmer. Here is an angry young man that uses his powers as a weapon; striking out in anger at the bullies at school and an alcoholic, abusive dad at home. Andrew is Travis Bickle‘s unchecked anger combined with Magneto’s self-righteous and arrogant rage. He feels that the world has taken a shit all over him and that we all need to pay. Even though he is clearly the villain of the film I found myself pitying him. When I was younger I did the things he did to fight what I felt were injustices against me. I shut myself away from the world, retreating into a world of my own. I was an angry young man, and despite the fact that my wife and my friends tell me that I’m a kind and decent human being, I know that anger is still there.

What I found most interesting about the film was that after it was over I listened to people as they were walking out of the theater. They talked about which character they would be like if they had the powers that they were given. There were a few Steve’s, a few Matt’s; but mostly the majority was Andrew. What that tells me is that there are a whole lot of angry people in this world. That thought is more disturbing than any scene in the film itself.