THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: The Beginning-United States-2006

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Screenplay by Sheldon Turner

Story by Sheldon Turner and David J. Schow

If The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning were a comic book the front cover would prominently feature in bold, bloody red letters HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME! THE ORIGIN OF LEATHERFACE!! The film is the cinematic companion to the 2003 remake and to be honest I feel that it raises the bar a little higher. Of course the story is the same; 2 young couples on the road trip of road trips run headlong into hell and the Hewitt family. This time out the main damsel in distress is Jordana Brewster. Stepping up to the plate and looking every bit as sexy as Jessica Biel did in the remake, Ms. Brewster is sent through the usual shit that scream queens are put through in a Texas Chainsaw movie. Rounding out the travelers are Matt Bomer, Taylor Handley and Diora Baird. On the Hewitt side of the family we are formally introduced to Thomas and Uncle Charlie. You know them better as Sheriff Hoyt and Leatherface. Andrew Bryniarski once again steps into the apron of Leatherface. He may not be Gunnar Hansen, but he’s still pretty damn intimidating. R. Lee Ermey plays the same part he’s played in most films he’s starred in; that of a loudmouth authority figure whose sole purpose in life is to make yours a living, breathing, bloody hell. Oh, and as an extra added bonus we get to see how Monty becomes a double amputee. Good times, kids, good times.

All in all, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is in my humble and twisted opinion a worthy sequel to what I felt was a worthy remake of a classic horror film. It’s not going to make you forget the original, but I don’t think it’s really trying to in the first place.


During filming, R. Lee Ermey was called away to his mother’s death bed. For the remainder of the time, filming was done around his character.
Producers Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller decided not to make a sequel to the 2003 movie. But the fans kept coming to them, asking how the family got that way and wanting to know several unanswered questions in the 2003 version (some of them include how Monty lost both of his legs, to how Sheriff Hoyt lost his front teeth, and how Leatherface got his nickname). And after a meeting with Michael Bay, they let Sheldon Turner write the script for a prequel and they were prepared to make it.
First movie to receive Iceland’s 18 rating.

3 thoughts on “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: The Beginning

  1. Good post, and fun to find another film blog. Look forward to exploring more posts on this site. The trivia on Emery is interesting.

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