THE LOST BOYS-United States-1987

Jami Gertz as Star

Edward Hermann as Max

Barnard Hughes as Grandpa

Dianne Wiest as Lucy

Directed by Joel Schumacher

Screenplay by Janice Fischer, James Jeremias and Jeffrey Boam

Story by Janice Fischer and James Jeremias

This is only the third time that I’ve watched The Lost Boys. The first time was when it was released to video. The second time maybe a month after that. Honestly, I really wasn’t that impressed with the film. Sure, it was a re-telling of the Peter Pan story, only this time with vampires. So what? The acting in the film is lackluster, the pacing of the film leaves a lot to be desired and the whole thing is completely monotonous. The film did nothing to further the careers of its younger stars. What ever happened to Jason Patric? Has he really done anything of any significance since then? Then of course there are the Corey’s, Feldman and Haim. The two of them had quite a career going for them in the ’80’s. Then came the ’90’s and finally the new millennium and reality TV. What happened then? Corey Haim died and Corey Feldman continues to make direct to video Lost Boys movies. That’s not exactly a stellar career. What about director Joel Schumacher? Isn’t he the guy that decided to add nipples to the Bat suit; thereby nearly ruining not only the Batman mythos, but the comic book movie altogether? The only young star to come out of the Lost Boys with any degree of success is, in my opinion, Kiefer Sutherland. Even so, it was not cinematic success; it was with TV and 24.

I know that there are those of you out there who are going to take me to the woodshed on this one. I can’t help it. It’s been over 20 years since I last saw the film and after seeing it my feelings have not changed. The film is a lackluster attempt to meld two legends, Peter Pan and vampires, and bring them into a modern day setting. It’s not just the boys that are lost; it’s the whole damn movie.


The original screenplay written by Janice Fischer and James Jeremias was originally about a bunch of “Goonie-type 5th-6th grade kid vampires”, with the Frog Brothers being “chubby 8 year old cub scouts”, and Star being a boy instead of a love interest. Joel Schumacher hated that idea and told the producers he would only sign on if he could change them to teenagers, as he thought it would be much sexier and more interesting.

Kiefer Sutherland was only meant to wear the black gloves he wears as David when riding the motorbike. However, while messing around on the bike behind-the-scenes, he fell off, breaking his arm so he had to wear the gloves through the whole movie to cover his cast.

In the opening sequence there is a random crowd shot that includes an older man in the distance with thick glasses wearing a Gothic looking hooded black robe. While his appearance is in line with the “spooky” factor of the film, he is in fact a semi-nomadic Christian.




6 thoughts on “THE LOST BOYS

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  3. I will agree…though this too, is a favorite flashback movie for me…mind you, in 87 I was a preteen slightly obsessed with Kiefer Sutherland 😉

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