DEADGIRL-United States-2008

Jenny Spain as Deadgirl

Eric Podnar as Wheeler

Andrew DiPalma as Johnny

Michael Bowen as Clint (Image not from “Deadgirl”)

Directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel

Written by Trent Haaga

File this one under F for ‘Fucked Up.’

When you first begin watching “Deadgirl” you think that it’s a representation of teenagers who have no parental supervision and the lengths that they will go to because of that. You would be right about that. Two boys, Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez-“Red Riding Hood”), and JT (Noah Segan-“Brick”) discover a woman chained to a gurney in the basement of an abandoned mental asylum. Ricky wants nothing to do with the whole situation; but JT wades in balls deep into depravity and not only abuses her sexually, but discovers that no matter what he does to her, be it breaking her neck, strangling her or even multiple gunshot wounds, she simple will not die. So, is “Deadgirl” a take on the unsupervised teens of today? Yes, I do believe that it is. But wait, there’s more fun for you boys and girls.

When I reviewed “Pontypool” I thought that it would be a long time before I saw another film that treated the zombie genre as more than just human beings blowing the heads off the undead and the living impaired plodding along begging for brains with vocal cords that have seen better days. I didn’t have to wait very long after all as “Deadgirl” is exactly that type of film. Like “Pontypool” it never mentions the word ‘zombie’ because it doesn’t have to. It treats the viewer like it has a brain and an intelligent one at that. There are also, of course, the obvious reasons why the film belongs in the zombie genre; but I’ll let you watch the film and figure it out for yourself.

As the ‘Deadgirl’, Jenny Spain impressed me. It’s not often that an actress can be naked onscreen the entire time, never utter a word and still make you feel for her and her situation. If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave an Oscar for ‘Best Performance by an Actor/Actress playing dead’ she would win hands down.

As I said before you can file “Deadgirl” under F for ‘Fucked Up’ and that’s exactly what it is. You can also file it under D for ‘damn good.’



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