Hello Out There

I just want to take the time to apologize for not posting anything new since Sunday. I don’t like going any more than a day without adding something new to my blog; so not posting on Monday or Tuesday has been a nightmare for me. The reason is that I worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday, another 12 on Monday as well as working one tonight and Wednesday. I have barely had time to do anything except work, sleep, get ready for work and rinse, lather, repeat. I tried to review a film after work last night and it was all I could do to get the first sentence out of my brain and onto the screen. I am fried worse than a Colonel Sanders chicken. I know it will get better, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I am going to try to watch something this morning after I get off work and will hopefully have a new review up on either Wednesday morning or afternoon. This blog means a lot to me; but more importantly the people that take the time to read my blog mean a lot to me. I never want to take for granted the fact that even if someone only stops by for a split second, or if they read every word of what I have to say. I appreciate each and every person that has been supportive of Written in Blood. Without you this whole thing would be just another pipe dream. Thank you.


I am a Pisces, I love romantic zombie movies and I have never taken a long walk on a beach.

I have a big heart, a bad temper and two guinea pigs. Is that a combo for disaster or what?

I love anchovies. Deal with it.


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