At 6’1″ tall, Written in Blood’s final Scream Queen of the Week, Julie Strain could kick your ass and not bat an eye about it. This woman is of such Amazonian proportions that the great fantasy artist Luis Royo said to himself “I will paint her as the warrior that she’s always been!” and he did…

Julie Strain by Luis Royo

…and it was awesome!!

She has also been immortalized by Olivia Berardinis…

Julie Strain by Olivia Berardinis

…and Simon Bisley

Julie Strain by Simon Bisley

Miss Strain was born February 18th, 1962 in Concord, California. According to that mystical soothsayer of all things wise and wonderful, Wikipedia, the early years of her life were wiped from her memory after a case of retrograde amnesia when a fall from a horse left her with a severe head injury. She graduated from Diablo Valley College in Contra Costa County, California with an extensive athletic background. She made her way to Las Vegas and eventually Hollywood and the rest, as they say, is history. Julie is a former Penthouse Pet of the Month for June, 1991 and Penthouse Pet of the Year for 1993 and has come to be known as the “Queen of the B-Movies”. She has appeared in over 100 films; including RepossessedWitchcraft IV: The Virgin HeartThe Unnamable 2: The Statement of Randolph CarterFit To KillSorceressBeverly Hills Cop IIIRide with the DevilHeavy Metal 2000 and Heavy Metal F.A.K.K..

It is with great pleasure that Written in Blood welcomes the lovely, the beautiful, the statuesque Miss Julie Strain as Scream Queen of the Week for October 22nd-26th!!


#20 of Sci-Fi’s Sexy 50, by Femme Fatales magazine. [1997]

Does most of her own stunts.

Married to Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

When she started acting, she had trouble getting roles due to the fact that she was often taller than the male actors with whom she might have acted.


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