My good friend and fellow blogger Mike over at MikesFilmTalk has gotten the insane notion to present me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Personally I think the guy must have eaten way too much Quorn; but I certainly appreciate it!

However, with great power comes great responsibility; so I have to hold up my end of the bargain. So, there are a few things I need to do. Oh, and for the 15 bloggers I nominate for the award, you have to do it, too, should you choose to accept.

1. I have to display the award logo on my blog. That big fancy picture above you and the smaller one to the side fulfills that part of the deal; so, check.

2. I linked back to Mike, the guy who nominated me. Yep!

3. I have to list seven things about myself. Lovely, just lovely.

4. I must nominate 15 bloggers and link back to them. Okay.

5. I must notify the 15 bloggers that I nominated and let them know that I nominated them.

So, I have 1 and 2 accomplished, so…

1. One of the reasons my wife married me is because I rescued a tiny frog from being killed by some unwitting Wal-mart employees. The poor thing was entangled in a dust ball and I released him and they were going to sweep the poor thing to death. I untangled him and put him in the garden section near the ponds.

2. (Holding thumb and forefinger about a millimeter apart) Every year I miss being voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive by that much.

3. After last Sunday I now know what it feels like to cut your finger (or thumb) with a large butcher knife. Ouch.

4. If I were a professional wrestler I would definitely be the heel, or the bad guy if you prefer. Heels are way more dimensional in their personas.

5. I suffer from panic attacks.

6. I get overwhelmed in crowds. Crowds wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many people.

7. I try not to take life too seriously. But you know what? Sometimes it can get to me no matter how hard I try.

Now, on to Numero Four-o

In no particular order,the Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

Andy Watches Movies

Thoughts of a Diva

Hard Ticket to Home Video


parlor of horror

Cathy’s Voice Now

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Head In A Vice

My Two Cents

Deep Red Rum


Dreams of Shadow

Aloha, Mister Hand

Rhino’s Horror


I will notify the 15 bloggers and therefore shall fulfill my end of the deal. If you choose to accept then just follow the five rules that I have so graciously laid out for you. Even though I know I can be a bit of a smart ass at times, I truly appreciate this award and accept it with all humility. Thank you.



  1. Interesting stuff, John – Thanks again for nominating me! I’m trying to dig myself out from under the stuff I missed while on vacation but I’ll try to reciprocate the award!

  2. I have to admit…I’m strangely addicted to the 20questions aspects of these awards…love knowing more about MY favorite horror blogger…and completely flattered and honored to be on your list of worthiness…Thank you John…I know its late coming (hangs head in shame)

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