The last Author Showdown was a massacre as Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling was the unanimous choice over Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. I was actually starting to feel a bit sorry for Ms. Meyer. This edition of the Showdown features two giants of the horror genre in writers Clive Barker and Stephen King. Let’s check out the tale of the tape:


Clive Barker

Clive Barker

Born October 5, 1952 in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Listed as an author, film director and visual artist on Wikipedia.

Notable Story Collections:

The Books of Blood Vols. 1-3

The Inhuman Condition (Books of Blood Vol. 4)

In the Flesh (Books of Blood Vol. 5)

Cabal (Books of Blood Vol. 6)

Notable Novels


The Great and Secret Show



Coldheart Canyon



Stephen King

Stephen King

Born September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine

Genres include Contemporary Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction and Suspense.

Notable Story Collections:

Night Shift

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Everything’s Eventual

Full Dark, No Stars

Notables Novels:

The Stand

Salem’s Lot

Under the Dome

The Shining



Let’s get ready to rumble!!!



  1. While I absolutely love Barker’s work and ‘The Hellbound Heart’ is one of my fave stories of all time, I have to do with King.

    Yes Barker is the better writer by a massive margin but on the other side of the coin King is by far the better story teller and I want a story that I can get lost in when I get a book.

    So King it is although God damn that was a hard one.

  2. King is like the Norman Rockwell of horror – he can sum up the essence of a place, period, or a type of person we all know in real life like no other – even non-horror writers can’t get it as spot-on as King. He also has some hokey stuff but with all he writes there’s still enough grit to sometimes make me squirm. His latest collection, Full Dark, No Stars, had some of his most gruesome tales in a long time. Barker has a more fantastic imagination and is more cutting edge. Its a hard choice but I will have to go with Stephen King.

  3. King has more work and sure isn’t a bad writer (the stand is a classic) but for me the winner is Barker due to he is a better writer in my view. Weaveworld is an amazing book…

  4. Like having to choose which of your children gets on the train and which one goes with you. Barker is a better “writer”. King is a better story teller but in the end it’s the story that matters. With a heavy heart King goes with me.

  5. Oh wow, this is a good one, but I do not have to think too long and hard on it. I am a born and bred Stephen King fan. The man is ab absolute master!!

  6. ooh I find this a difficult choice, but fear the result may be a landslide nonetheless. I am honestly torn between the two. Some of the writing in Books of Blood borders on bewitching, it is so rhythmic.

    Kind not only has the broader portfolio of work, but I think is more of a horror writer than Barker, who, despite bringing us Candyman, Hellraiser and all manner of ungodly creatures, still resides more in the fantasy.

    I am going to have to go for King, on this one, but it was a knock out late in the twelfth round that won it for him.

  7. King gets a weird backlash for some reason. He’s excellent at what he does and I’ve been reading his stuff for so long that I find his writing style very comforting in a weird way.

  8. I blame King for my word obsession…my first “grownup” read was The Shining….and it was all downhill from there 😉 Love him! Love him! Love him!

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