BEDAZZLED-United States/Germany-2000



Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards/Jefe/Mary

Frances O'Connor as Alison Gardner/Nicole Delarusso

Frances O’Connor as Alison Gardner/Nicole Delarusso

Directed by Harold Ramis

Screenplay by Larry Gelbart, Harold Ramis and Peter Tolan

Based on a 1967 story and screenplay by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “John, have you lost your ever-loving, modestly intelligent mind?”


“But Bedazzled is a comedy!”


“So why are you reviewing it? You write a horror film blog.”

Because I want to, because it has the devil in it; and that kind of sort of if you grade on the curve sort of way puts it into my territory. But there is one other main reason I wanted to write about this movie; besides the fact I got to see Elizabeth Hurley in all those fantasy inducing outfits. Hmm, scratch the ‘one other main reason’ part and make it ‘two other main reasons’. The other, other main reason is simply that I love this movie.

Hey, I know; it’s as stupid and ridiculous a movie as you’re ever going to see and I could care less. I’ve watched Bedazzled countless times and I laugh out loud (lol) every time. I personally think this is the best movie Brendan Fraser has ever done. His chance to portray so many characters with so many different characteristics is essentially the cherry on the whipped cream of his career. As for Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil; all I can say is that my reactions changed with each new outfit she wore.

Red Dress: Reowwwwrrrr!!!

Black Bikini (while walking Doberman Pinschers on the beach): Arf! Arf! Down boy!!

Cheerleader: Nice Pom Poms!!!

Traffic Cop: So, tell me officer, do those handcuffs come in fuzzy style?

School Teacher: I have been so bad, Miss Hurley. I really think I need to stay after school.

Nurse: I got a boo boo. Kiss it and make it better.

*Sigh* Huh, what? Oh, sorry. I got drool all over my keyboard.

Anyway, the plot of Bedazzled is this. Brendan Fraser (George of the Jungle, Encino Man) is Elliot Richards, a nerd, dweeb, and loser; just pick one because they all apply. Elliot is in love with Allison (Frances O’Connor, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Timeline); a girl who barely even knows that he exists. When Elliot says aloud that he would do anything to be with Alison he sparks the interest of Old Scratch, Beelzebub, Lucifer (well, “Lucy”-fer); you know, the Devil (Hurley, Serving Sara, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery). Appearing to Elliot in the various aforementioned fantasy inducing ensembles, the Devil grants him 7 wishes in exchange for-you guessed it-his soul. Now, of course, with the Devil and wishing with every wish there comes a curse and Elliot soon finds himself getting a lot less than he bargained for out of this agreement.

If you take Bedazzled seriously as a piece of cinematic art then there is really something wrong with you. The only way that you can take this movie and get any sort of enjoyment out of it is to see it for what it is: good, sexy, dumb as bricks fun.


The Devil’s dogs in the beach scene are named Dudley and Peter, a reference to the writers and stars of the original Bedazzled, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

Elizabeth Hurley wears a total of 19 different outfits as the Devil.
In the basketball game, the name on the opposing team’s jerseys is Shirts.
According to producer Trevor Albert, the schoolgirl outfit that the Devil wore was actually owned by Elizabeth Hurley.

14 thoughts on “BEDAZZLED

  1. I’d say this and Little Nicky can pass for horror comedies. If the devil ever comes to me dressed like that… I’m going straight to hell! Beside Elizabeth’s outfits, my fave part is when he becomes a Mexican drug lord! (subtitles: wait a moment, I don’t speak spanish)

  2. Oh yes a good movie to just chill out and enjoy. Brendan is actually really good in this movie and as for Liz… *sigh* oops sorry started daydreaming… Ok back to Liz…….. …. …. …. ….. … mmmm schoolgirl ….. ….. .. …. …

  3. While she (was) easy on the eyes back then, there is something about her. Whenever I see her acting my eyes bleed, and if she has dialogue too then my ears hemorrhage at an equal rate.

    Another great review, keep it up.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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