I’m not really sure how to start this post. About a month or so ago I posted what was nothing more than a ‘Sorry, We’re Closed’ sign to give the indication that I was through with blogging. For the most part, that’s a true statement. However, posting a post like this without giving any solid reason is not a fair thing to do. So this, take it or leave it, is my explanation as to why. It’s quite simple and it all boils down to one solid reason:

I love my wife.

When my wife and I first met, neither one of us had any intention of ‘getting serious’ and having the other as their sole companion. We figured we would date a bit, go out for drinks, shoot pool, sing karaoke (yes, we sing karaoke) and just have a little fun. But then one day we were together and she looked at me and said, “I’m just crazy about you”; and I knew right then and there that the feeling was mutual. That day I knew that I had found someone that was special to me in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. Here was a woman that I knew was not only going to one day become my wife; but she was also going to be my best friend and my soul mate. My wife has done more for me and my life and my self-esteem than anyone I have ever known. She is patient, loving and gentle when she needs to be; and she is quick to hold me accountable for my bullshit when I tend to act like an ass. One of the things I used to do with her was that I would point at her, and then at myself and then mimic tying a bow between us and I would mouth the words, ‘you complete me’. To some, that would be a hokey, nausea inducing gesture. To the two of us, nothing could have been truer.

But then I started writing this blog. Everything went well to begin with and my wife was, and still is, my biggest fan. The trouble is not her fault. The trouble is my fault. This blog began to consume my time. My wife would go to bed alone at night while I sat in a dark room watching some movie just so I could say a few witty words about it for the entire world to see. I neglected her more and more and the thing is that because I was doing so great with the blog I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Here was a woman that loved me with all her heart and I was brushing her off like so much dandruff from my shoulders. But one day, early 2013, the back broke and the camel collapsed. In December I made the goal that I was going to post at least once a day, every day from the 1st to the 31st. I did it; and it exhausted me. I took a few days off at the beginning of January and then wrote my review for Fright Night. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks tossed by the Incredible Hulk at a distance of only five feet. Allow me to explain.

I was at my laptop one night trying to think of what to do for my next post when I heard my wife clear her throat from our bedroom across the hall. WHAM! BRICKS UPSIDE MY HEAD!! HULK SMASH!!! I thought to myself, what am I doing? Is this blog more important than a wife who loves you with all her heart? Is it worth losing her over a few witty words? Let me answer that in the most eloquent manner I can come up with.

Hell. No.

I turned off the computer and I went into the bedroom and I held my wife and I told her I loved her.

I made a choice. I chose my wife. I have my best friend and my soul mate back. I will never let anyone or anything get in the way of that ever again.

Thank you.




  1. I hear ya mate! Blogging can totally take over if you let it – I also used to blog every day when I first started, but now I only post a review once a week and it makes a massive difference! This allows me to watch films, but gives me time to review the ones I have something to say enough about. Give yourself time for your wife and socialising etc. and just blog as a hobby. It’s worked for me.

  2. This is beautiful and so very true of so many couples/ relationships. It’s important to be social within your home more than through media, even when the bill collectors keep asking for more money.

    The world shouldn’t be run with dollars but by people like you who value the treasure they found in someone. Though it’s important to do what you want to do, life and time is precious – we’ll die and the people we leave behind are not always the people who regularly read our online updates.

    Now go, enjoy your life and the miracle it offered you. Everything else will appear for you when it’s needed most and least expected.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland

  3. Thank you baby, I am still crazy about you! Just so everyone knows,: I told him not to quit the blog because it is really good and he enjoys it so much. I never want to stand in his way. -Wife

  4. A wise choice. 🙂 I have seen the internet come between too many people, friends and marriages. While your posts will be missed, you have reclaimed something so much better. 🙂

  5. Well done man! I honestly thought one night, where does this guy get the fucking TIME to write all this stuff and watch all these films and love your wife? Believe it or not, I don’t know you or your wife, I could see the crunch coming! Trust me, nobody can spend all that TIME on a hobby. It was LIFE consuming!
    Take your wife to the movies…….go and see “Flight” with Denzel Washington……..THAT is a horror film about alcoholism! No monsters, just the demon drink! (NO, I am not a reformed drinker).
    Don’t blog every day/week………wait and see if one of those films that you take your wife to see a couple of times a week, still haunts you both deeply a week later. If so, then it is a classic worth writing about. You both can write about it……make it a joint project!
    Maybe steer away from JUST horror films. You wrote about a couple of other genres on this blog and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    Once a fortnight/month……..or not at all! Your decision only! The only people bagging you out here are the ones unlucky enough to have what you have.
    Good luck to you both!

  6. Well said. When I first starting doing mine I was the same. I was the stereotypical ‘oh just five more minutes’ kinda guy then I realised just how much of my time with my fiance I was missing out on. Now I post, albeit quite a bit, whenever she has to stay late at work or when she wants to watch her cookery shows without me interupting or when I have a day off and she doesn.t

    But, like you, if it’s blog or time with her she wins every time

  7. What a great post. But if it’s something that you love she should understand no? It’s just a hobby, but I can understand if it consumes far too much of your time.

    • She does understand. It was a hobby and I allowed it to become an all consuming obsession. Now it’s back to being a hobby and will hopefully stay that way.

  8. I liked this honesty and this love. This is the best thing between two loving people. Love matters the most. I should keep this in mind.

  9. I think the key is moderation – just like an alcohol. It’s okay to have a glass of wine, or two with dinner, but no need to devour the whole bottle. And in December THAT is how you were blogging! You were a blogaholic!!! lol.

    And I don’t think you should quit your blog. I just think maybe blog a review once a week, or every other week. However time permits.

    It’s good to have a hobby. I’m sure your wife would attest to that.

    Write a blog once a week? Awesome!

    Write one every single day? You need to get some help! 🙂

      • I know you did. That was a joke. What I am saying though is you don’t have to quit altogether; just do like one a week, if it is in-fact something you enjoy. I’m sure your wife thinks it’s good to have a hobby. It’s healthy.

        • oh I knew it was a joke. that’s what I’m going to do, blog once a week or when my schedule allows. yes, my wife does think it’s good to have a hobby. it was either a blog or an attempt to bring back streaking.

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