THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE-United States/Germany-1997


Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax

Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax

Al Pacino as John Milton

Al Pacino as John Milton

Charlize Theron as Mary Ann Lomax

Charlize Theron as Mary Ann Lomax

Jeffrey Jones as Eddie Barzoon

Jeffrey Jones as Eddie Barzoon

Judith Ivey as Mrs. Alice Lomax

Judith Ivey as Mrs. Alice Lomax

Craig T. Nelson as Alexander Cullen

Craig T. Nelson as Alexander Cullen (Image not from “The Devil’s Advocate“)

Directed by Taylor Hackford

Screenplay by Jonathan Lemkin and Tony Gilroy

Based on the novel by Andrew Niederman

Keanu and Al’s Hellish Adventure…

(Conversation between two slackers)

Dude, have you ever, like, seen The Devil’s Advocate?”

“No, Dude; is it, like, missing?”

“Dumbass, The Devil’s Advocate is a movie.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s in it?”

“Keanu Reeves… (Both dudes achieve a ‘more stoned than usual’ look on their faces and begin to bow and raise and lower their hands in reverence)

(Simultaneously at the same time) KING KEANU, WE’RE NOT WORTHY! KING KEANU, WE’RE NOT WORTHY!

“Dude, that’s so righteous! Who else is in it?”

“Al Pacino.”

“Dude, the Godfather?”

“You know it, dude.”

“Oh, that is so awesome.”

“Charlize Theron is in it, too.”

“Oh dude, I had the most awesome dream about her. We were at my place and we were gettin’ it on so hot and I knew that I was gonna get so lucky and she says ‘come and get it, big boy’ and I was getting ready to come and get it and I took off my shirt and my pants and I…

“Dude, stop!”

“Nah dude, it’s cool; my mom woke me up. I was mad at her for a week.”

“Thank her for me.”

“Yeah, right. So, what’s this movie about?”

“Well, Keanu plays this totally successful lawyer in Florida. I mean, dude, this dude is like 640-0. He’s never lost a case. He’s the dude you go to if you’re a dude in serious shit.”


“Anyway, this other dude, played by Pacino, takes notice of our dude and invites him to work for him at his way cool fancy law firm in New York City. Our dude Keanu and his ultra-hot babe of a wife Charlize travel all the way from Florida to New York so he can work with this dude.”

“Wow. Wait, dude, that doesn’t sound like much of a movie.”


“Then what’s the point?”

‘Well, that other dude, the one in New York?”


“He’s the devil.”

“No way!”


“No freakin’ way!”

“Yes freakin’ way.”

(Dude 2 has to sit down for a moment. Oh wait, he’s a slacker; he’s already sitting.)

“Okay, so what happens next?”

“All kinds of freaky shit; There’s demon’s and people that look like people but are really demons. Charlize goes totally bonkers and gets totally naked and…”

“Whoa, Charlize gets naked?”

“Dude, it’s not a pretty sight, trust me.”

“Yeah, but she wouldn’t even get naked for me in my dream. Oh, and then there was that whole Monster thing. That was worse than when I saw my grandma coming out of the shower.”

“Dude, push your ‘off’ button.”

“Sorry. So, is the movie any good?”

“It doesn’t totally suck if that’s what you’re asking. I mean it’s got Keanu in it and, let’s face it, he may be our righteous king, but he so cannot act.”

“Blasphemy, dude!”

“Dude, reality check.”

(Dude 2 ponders for a moment; images of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Speed and numerous other Keanu-tastrophes come to mind.)

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Dude, if you see this movie, you gotta see it for Pacino and Pacino only. Charlize is good, but not as good as she was in Monster. Pacino is so convincing as the Devil that I think the devil himself saw him and said, “Whoa, that dude is me! I mean, Pacino doesn’t just chew the scenery like he did in Scent of a Woman, he totally swallows it whole.”

“Oh, that is so awesome! I am so gonna check this one out.”

“Alright, dude.”

(Dude 2 ponders again as he often does.)

“Dude, I just had the most totally weird thought?”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“Dude, what if you and me were the figment of some dude’s imagination? What if everything we just talked about was because some dude said, “I’m gonna write about these two dudes having a conversation about a movie and he created us just for that purpose. Oh shit, I’m getting brain freeze just thinking about it.”

“Okay dude, chill out. We are not the figment of some dude’s imagination?”

“Oh yeah? Well riddle me this, Batman; do you remember what we did yesterday? How about last week?”

(Now they both ponder with confused looks upon their faces. Then they look at the space in front of them as if they can see something or someone visible only to themselves.)

(Again, simultaneously) “Dude?”



Sculptor Frederick Hart and the Episcopal National Cathedral in Washington, DC, sued Warner Brothers over a sculpture that appears in the film and closely resembles Hart’s “Ex Nihilo”, which is situated above Milton’s desk in his apartment. A last-minute deal was negotiated to allow the sculpture to remain in the film.

Connie Nielsen‘s character speaks Spanish in the Italian release of the movie, and Italian in all the others. Nielsen is in fact Danish, and this was her American film debut.

Joel Schumacher was originally set to direct the film in 1994 with Brad Pitt to star as Kevin Lomax. Christian Slater, John Cusack and Edward Norton were then considered for the role.

The character of John Milton is named for John Milton, the author of “Paradise Lost,” the classic epic poem about man’s fall from God’s grace. When Lomax is in Milton’s office at the end of the film, he says “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” from Book I Line 263 of the same work.

Each time Mary Ann (Charlize Theron) tries a different color of green on the apartment walls, only to be discouraged by her “friend” Jackie (Tamara Tunie), Jackie is wearing some article of clothing or jewelry that is the exact same shade of green.



10 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE

  1. I watched this movie with my dad for 2 reasons- he’s a fan of Al; Pachino and I adore Charlize! BTW, it’s a really gr8 movie and thank you for doing justice to it.

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