Mark Sheppard as Dr. Charles LeBlanc

Mark Sheppard as Dr. Charles LeBlanc

Elena Lyons as Laura Le Crois

Elena Lyons as Laura Le Crois

Lochlyn Munroe as Sheriff Tim Richards

Lochlyn Munroe as Sheriff Tim Richards

Directed by Amir Valinia

Story by George M. Kostuch, Cameron Larson, Caleb Michaelson and Claire Sanchez

Screenplay by Cameron Larson

Let me ask you something; have you ever been looking for a movie or a TV show to watch and when you see one that catches your eye you check the cast list and you see an actor or actress you like from another movie or TV show and you think, ‘hey, I like this actor. I’ll check this one out.’?  It’s a hypothetical question; of course you have. I did this with Alligator X, also known as Xtinction: Predator X; however to avoid confusion we will refer to it as Alligator X from here on. I saw that it stars Mark Sheppard, an actor I like because of his role as the demon Crowley from Supernatural. Needless to say the decision to watch Alligator X because I like Sheppard as an actor is a decision that bit me on the ass. Sheppard (In the Name of the Father) is the only reason to like this piece of crap and he’s not in the film for any considerable length of time. After Sheppard, the best performance in the film comes from the gator itself (it’s actually a plesiosaurus, an ancestor of sorts to the alligator), which is sad to say since it’s a badly created CGI effect. The plot is so full of holes it could be a template for making Swiss cheese. Lochlyn Munroe (UnforgivenFreddy vs. Jason) is horrible as an incompetent sheriff with an equally incompetent brother (Caleb Michaelson) for a deputy. Elena Lyons (Club Dread) is so bad as an actress she could have performed her role butt naked and that wouldn’t have made it any better. Rapper Paul Wall (I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) plays a bayou thug whose accent sounds like a dog eating its own feces. Scott L. Schwartz and Ricky Wayne round out the cast as Larry and Barry Boudreaux, a couple of stereotypical backwoods brothers with their own agenda for the monster; in other words they play a couple of in-breds.

Is Alligator X a SyFy channel original movie? I’d sure like to know; most SyFy films have the look and feel of a third rate play performed by mentally challenged 6th graders. Alligator X certainly fits the bill. Let this movie be a caution to you; just because you like an actor or actress does not mean you have to see every damn movie or TV show that they make.

Hmm, I notice I didn’t really say much about the plot of Alligator X. Allow me to correct that faux pas; it’s about a giant alligator that eats people. End of story.



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