ATM-United States/Canada-90 Mins. 2012

ATM - Poster 3375x5000

Brian Geraghty as David Hargrove

Brian Geraghty as David Hargrove

Josh Peck as Corey Thompson

Josh Peck as Corey Thompson

Alice Eve as Emily Brandt

Alice Eve as Emily Brandt

Directed by David Brooks

Screenplay by Chris Sparling

“I just need to get some money out of the ATM…”

David (Brian Geraghty, The Hurt LockerFlight), Cory (Josh Peck, Drillbit TaylorRed Dawn) and Emily (Alice Eve, Star Trek: Into DarknessThe Raven) stop at an ATM on their way home from an office Christmas party. They find themselves trapped inside the vestibule by a menacing (and murderous) man in a heavy parka that hides his face from the three of them. The figure kills anyone who comes near the ATM. They do not know his identity or his motive. All they know is that they are trapped and that it is freezing cold. As threadbare as it is, that is the plot of ATM.

Is it just me; or is there anyone else who doesn’t buy the bullshit that this movie is trying to shovel? First of all, you have three adults against one; it doesn’t matter that one of them is a woman, the odds are in their favor whether the individual has a weapon or not. Secondly, when are we going to stop seeing these films where the protagonist(s) have either no phone or no signal and therefore no way of calling for help? Finally, who in their right mind is going to stop at an ATM machine in the middle of a deserted and dimly lit parking lot? Aren’t most ATMs built into the outside of the bank nowadays? Either that or they’re located inside your most convenient convenience store.

One more thing; if you’re going to make a 90 minute movie about three people trapped in the same place for the majority of the movie at least make the people likable. David whines and second-guesses himself throughout the entire movie and Cory is a conniving little douchebag who wants to have his way all the time. The only character in the film that has any kind of personality is Emily and the jury is still out on her since she kind of likes David the whiner.

I do not under any circumstances recommend this movie. In fact, I can think of a million other things you could be doing instead; scraping all your skin and bathing in rubbing alcohol, tying a ten pound weight to your testicles and dropping it from a bridge, covering yourself in deer urine and walking naked into a wolves den. Yes, all these things are painful; but they are nowhere near as painful as watching ATM. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Margarita Levieva was rumoured to be cast in the film, before production began.

An ATM vestibule was built for this film.


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2 thoughts on “ATM

  1. I hated this movie so much. I can overlook stupidity in film but the amount of stupidity in this one was just infuriating. I gave it an F in my review of it and felt that was being too generous.

    • Don’t feel too bad, Derek; I gave it half a blood drop and after I posted I thought ‘now why in the hell was I that nice to it?’ Also, I couldn’t stand Josh Peck’s character.

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