Read the title of this post and sink your minds deep into the gutter. Now, get your minds out of the gutter because that is not what I am implying. No, what I am saying is that the other night my wife looked at me and said the words that any horror film fan with a wife or a girlfriend wants to hear. She said, “I want to watch more horror movies with you.” Well, actually she said, “I think I want to watch more horror movies with you”; but ‘think’ is such a minor word. My ears immediately perked up and my heart started racing and my palms grew sweaty. It was like I was the nerdiest kid in school and the head cheerleader said she wanted to go to prom with me. I have wanted to hear these words for so long that you have no idea what they mean to me.

Anyway, we went to see The Conjuring together and she enjoyed it. I saw You’re Next alone as she told me she’s not ready for a home invasion movie. I can understand that. Here at home we have so far watched Insidious (she liked it, but remarked that The Conjuring was better); The Orphanage and Trick ‘r’ Treat; the latter of which she enjoyed but said was a bit weird. I enjoyed explaining how it differs from past anthology films in that it doesn’t tell a story and end it and then move on to the next story a la Twilight Zone The Movie ; but instead intertwines the tales with each other for a more believable non-linear experience.

There’s more to come; I’m easing my wife slowly into the gorier films. She says she has no problem with gore and I believe her. That doesn’t mean I’m going to move her straight from a film like Trick ‘r’ Treat, whose gore is relatively tame, to a film like Inside (“À l’intérieur“) in one motion. No, I plan to take it nice and easy and take baby steps with her. She finally came to the point where she wants to watch horror and it is my responsibility not to scare her back the other way.

Why do I do this? There are a lot of husbands and boyfriends out there who would rather watch their horror or their football or their racing or what have you all by themselves while their significant others are off with their friends or working on some craft project or such. I don’t want to be that type of husband and my wife does not want to be that type of wife. We are still very much in love and want to do things with each other. We’ve sang together, taken karate together, read some of the same books and have done artwork together; her art is pretty darn good while mine would look good on a refrigerator. The point is that we are doing things that we both love and we are doing them together. Isn’t that what a marriage is supposed to be all about?



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  2. That’s awesome man. My wife watches some horror with me, but not much. We watched the Evil Dead (remake) a month or two ago, and that put her off.

    I love Inside, a very clever movie.

  3. Nice post sir. I always love it when my fiancee wants to watch movies with me, especially ones that she knows I will like and are a little outside what she would usually see. Slightly off-topic, what are your favourite horror anthology films?

    • I loved the original Tales From the Crypt and was a big fan of Twilight Zone the Movie for a while but have since cooled a bit on that one. V/H/S was very well done in my opinion, also.

  4. You sound like a very lucky man to have a wife as you described, I think it’s really cool that she’s willing to give it a try. I’m more of a horror reader than movie watcher because of the gore but I still love a great horror movie; if I could suggest an awesome horror movie, this one actually got me to go to the theater and I never do that, I always wait for the DVD, but anyway the movie was gory and I still loved it and saw it a few times; Cabin In The Woods; such a great movie, Joss Whedon guarantees a great story and Drew Goddard is awesome too, it’s a definite must watch, and every one I saw it with for the most part were girls, it’s really good, in other words 😀

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