+1-United States-95 Mins. 2013


Rhys Wakefield as David in +1

Rhys Wakefield as David in +1

Logan Miller as Teddy in +1

Logan Miller as Teddy in +1

Ashley Hinshaw as Jill in +1

Ashley Hinshaw as Jill in +1

Natalie Hall as Melanie in +1

Natalie Hall as Melanie in +1

Directed by Dennis Iliadis

Story by Dennis Iliadis

Screenplay by Bill Gullo

+1 isn’t just a film about duplicates; it’s also about second chances. The film begins with David and Jill, young lovers. David makes a horrible mistake and it’s not until later at a party that he has a chance to rectify that mistake. The film also begins with what appears to be a comet and then a power outage. When the lights come back on everyone has an exact double of themselves. Each time the power goes out and comes back on the duplicates move closer in time to where the actual person is at that moment. Did I say +1 is about second chances? That part is true; it’s also about paranoia and the mistrust of something different, even if it is within us. The only person in the film who understands this and works in tandem with her double is the girl who is ridiculed for being different in the first place. As for David and Jill, David seizes the opportunity to make good with Jill by remembering the details of a failed conversation he had with her earlier and manipulating it to his favor when the time for it to occur a second time comes around.

I wanted to like +1. The concept of the doppelganger is an interesting one and +1 takes a good approach to the subject. The trouble with +1 is that the doppelgangers don’t do anything. In the end, when all was said and done and I should have enjoyed a horror movie that just happened to have a wild party it felt more like a remake of Project X (2012) with a little horror thrown in. Make that very little horror.



Rhys Wakefield also appears in The Purge and Sanctum.

Logan Miller also appears in I’m in the Band and The Bling Ring.

Ashley Hinshaw also appears in Chronicle and About Cherry.

Natalie Hall also appears in Rising Stars.


6 thoughts on “+1

  1. I watched this a few weeks back, but have still not been able to dedicate time into writing a review. Why? Because it was boring, and writing the review will be boring. Good concept, awful execution. The girl you mention was the only charming character. How unlikable was the main guy? I wanted to punch him in the face.

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