Short and sweet: I’ve been thinking about changing the look of my blog. It’s been the same for about 2 years now and I’m getting itchy about changing it. That is where you come in. Should I change the theme entirely? Should I keep the same theme and make a few cosmetic changes? Should I leave it just the way it is?

I’ll run this for one week. Give me your input, please. Peace out…I mean-take care…and stay scared.



  1. I like to give mine a little facelift every so often but since I read everyone’s blogs using the reader on my phone I don’t see anyone’s themes.

  2. I think there is some simplicity that is good for reading. What I like MOST is that you don’t have flashing images on the side which makes text so much harder to read. If you bring in moving pictures or flashing images on the side the text of the journal will be too hard to focus on.

    I’m intrigued by a change, but the main thing is legibility to how the text works. Whistles and bells are mainly distractions. We want your words of wisdom, Mr. M.

    • Whatever I do to the look I can guarantee you two things: there will be no moving images (GIF’s, etc.) and what I say and how I say it shall remain intact.

  3. I went for change it entirely, simply because I feel that if you are going to change something, you may as well change it all. Otherwise one cosmetic change leads to another and then another, etc. Kind of better to rip the plaster off in one go.

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