Synopsis: Two attractive young coeds set off for a camping trip in the Pennsylvania woods to get away from it all. After a rifle-toting mountain man discovers they are a couple, the women become his prey: hunted, shot and left for dead. The local sheriff begins to connect their frightened testimony with unsolved disappearances and murders on the trail. Can he act in time to stop more killings?

I came across this one on Allegedly based on a true story, the plot reminds me (very loosely) of a book by Jack Ketchum entitled “The Lost”. Dead Woman’s Hollow is the feature debut from Libby McDermott. It stars  Jeremy Bingaman, Bethany Coyle, Roger Durga Dahal and Charles Dawson. Having premiered at the Homegrown Hollywood Film Festival on September 24, 2013, Dead Woman’s Hollow releases on DVD on June 23rd, 2015.

A DVD Case, isolated on a white background. A clipping path is included for the cover of the case.



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