For the July, 2015 selection of the Scream Queen of the Month I decided to do things a bit differently; instead of featuring an established star I’m going with a young woman working hard to make her way in the world of show business.

Apryl: “Modeling I dabbled in off and on and didn’t truly start to pick up until my first crew picture from set (Camp Dread) which is also how acting started. I went as an intern with my good friend Cleve Hall to learn more FX makeup. From that they needed a few extra people for a few scenes; then a few days later they needed some dead bodies and they needed to reshoot a scene. The actress wasn’t there so I had to be her body double. So it was a combination of both (acting and modeling) from that one set. The rest is history. It’s opened so many doors and for that I’m so thankful.”

While I will tell you that Apryl was born on July 30, 1986 in Charleston, South Carolina, a town just a little over 200 miles from this writer’s hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina. What I am not going to talk about is her past accomplishments. I’m not going to tell you that she’s made appearances on the TV documentary FBI: Criminal Pursuit or the “Pacific Northwest“, “Mantis Man” and “Spottisville Monster” episodes of Monsters and Mysteries in America. You will not hear a peep out of me about her roles in films like Music Store Massacre (2013), Zombie Isle or Camp Dread (both 2014).

What I will tell you about is what Apryl has going on for the future. She’s in pre-production for the TV movie Urban Legends to Die For and the movie Dracula’s War. She’s in post-production for the TV series Legends & Lies and the films Aleister and Zombie Croc and in addition to all that both the mini-series American Genius and Sasquatch vs. Yeti have been announced.

It is easy to see that Apryl is working hard to make it and I for one hope that she goes far. I’ve spoken with her several times and can tell you that she is sweet, friendly and above all appreciative of the support she has received from fans thus far in her career. That, and the fact that she’s gorgeous, is what makes her the July, 2015 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month.


She’s 5’7″ with a 35-25-35 figure with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes.

You can read more and see more at her official site Apryl Crowell.

You can even friend her on Facebook.


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