Synopsis: Lake Charles in Louisiana is the idyllic spot to catch some sun and enjoy the tranquil miles of freshwater. When a group of 20-somethings meet up at their island lake house for a weekend of partying, one of the friends never shows up. As more lake visitors are yanked underwater by what seems to be some giant alligators, the screams bring the group out of the lake house. Frantically discovering their boat has drifted away, they have to watch helplessly as more of their friends are pulled under the water. Will anyone get off the island alive, in one piece? Something more sinister seems to be at play.

You know how a person might say, “I’m a sucker for this” or “I’m a sucker for that”? Well, when it comes to giant maneating crocodile or alligator movies that’s exactly what I am, a sucker. Alligator: loved it; Lake Placid: loved it, even the crappy sequels; Rogue: loved it. You may as well take a Sharpie and write “CROC/’GATOR MOVIE SUCKER” on my forehead.

Freshwater stars Zoë Bell, Joe Lando, Amy Paffrath, and John Bobek. The movie is written and directed by Brandeis Berry. The only thing I know about a release date is sometime in 2015. Until then enjoy the trailer below. I would say enjoy the poster also but it’s not very big. I did my best.





  1. This looks hilarious. Is one of those guys the guy from “Cabin in the Woods”? (I realize a name would be helpful here…the guy that makes it to the end though?)

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