Saturday Night Diva-Bayley

Saturday Night Diva-Bayley


Affiliation: NXT

aka Davina Rose

She was born on June 15, 1989 in Newark, California

She was trained by Jason Styles

She made her debut in April, 2008


Bayley to Belly (Belly to belly suplex, sometimes from the second rope)

Why she is the Saturday Night Diva:

I was set to feature a TNA Knockout for this weeks post; perhaps Taryn Terrell or Gail Kim. But then Bayley goes and defeats Becky Lynch on Wednesday night in a fantastic match for the number one contendership for a shot at NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Put aside the “I’m a Hugger” t-shirt and the side ponytail; Bayley is the real deal. Knock her down and she pops right back up like a Weeble within the ring. Try to put her out of contention and she comes back swinging. Is it her time to be a champion? I for one believe that it is. We’ll find out at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn on August 22 on the WWE Network (for the low monthly price of $9.99). Say hello to Bayley, your Saturday Night Diva.



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