This is post number 1, 000 for me here at Written in Blood. No big speech; just a big thank you to everyone who helped me get this far by taking an interest in what I do. No names necessary; you know who you are. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you.*


When filming the scene with Newt in the duct, Carrie Henn kept deliberately blowing her scene so she could slide down the vent, which she later called a slide three stories tall. James Cameron finally dissuaded her by saying that if she completed the shot, she could play on it as much as she wanted. She did, and he kept his promise.

*This wasn’t supposed to be posted until Wednesday, August 19. I don’t know what happened but here is A-Z Trivia Wednesday a day early.



  1. Congrats! And thank you for this post. Carrie Henn is such a gem. (I have a Newt clip in the beginning of my 10th Episode 😉 )

    I would completely have done the same thing. Slides are so much fun and I’m happy to hear Cameron figured out a win-win for her to get the scene done. Great to hear such a scary and grim movie had elements of off screen sweetness. ❤

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