This is one of those things where I feel like a glutton for punishment. I’ll either get a ton of responses or I will get only a few. Either way, I have to know. No fanfare; just vote in the two polls below. Feel free to comment, also. Thank you.



    • I understand. Have someone read it to you. That’s not the same as you reading it. Plus, while they are reading it to you they are also reading it to themselves.

  1. The Trivia is cool, J., but…for me…not enough. The Divas are good enough to make me want to watch and then I don’t follow it. The Friday night all the shit I should watch while drunk. The Alternate Posters, some of which I adore. My suggestion, based on my own blog’s changing patterns which have yet to be settled, is to enter whenever the spirit feels like it to bring the reviews when it matters to you. Don’t give any particular day…whenever the spirit moves you. As I said, my own blog is hanging as well on wherever it’s meant to go. As always, my friend, your choice!

    • My trouble, and my reason for this post, is that I don’t know just exactly what I want to do with this blog. I still want to do things that are horror-related, that much is certain. I just don’t know if I want to write reviews or not; the main reason being that it was taking any enjoyment I had out of watching the movie because I was thinking too hard about what was right or wrong with the film. The posters are nice but I haven’t been able to find a movie lately with enough decent posters to put together a post. I have maybe 10 more poster posts lined up and ready to go and after that, nothing. The trivia and the trailers features are easy; there will always be trivia and trailers. The divas are also limited. Some of them I downright loathe and therefore am not going to feature them. So this poll is a filter, so to speak, to help me decide what to do and even after it is over I may still not know what to do. I apologize for being so long-winded; I felt you (and everyone else) deserved a better reply than “Thank you for your comment.”. Thank you.

  2. Shoot! I can’t vote. I think I like too much… okay, I’m “bad” I’m not an avid reader here. The quotes have been really neat, and of course I was thrilled about Carolyn Jones making for a Scream Queen. I wanted to be narcissistic and mention the tab for my show (still in progress), but no…

    My favourite thing about written in blood is the creator of it… you! ❤

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