This will be a semi-regular post in which I write, praise, bitch, gripe, piss and moan about the latest movie I watched on Amazon Prime. Any likes, reblogs or comments are appreciated; cash is doubly appreciated. 

Prime synopsis: A swanky garden party turns into a nightmare when giant killer wasps attack in this blood-splattered horror comedy.

Starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Clifton Collins Jr. and Lance Henriksen.

Written by Adam Aresty

Directed by Benny Diez

What I liked: Stung is pure creepy-crawly fun from beginning to end. The film is played straight down the middle of LET’S MAKE THEIR SKIN CRAWL Avenue and TONGUE PLANTED FIRMLY IN CHEEK Boulevard. The acting and chemistry from leads O’Leary and Cook are convincing and their chemistry satisfying. The effects are top rate for an independent film and I loved how the wasps took on characteristics of the humans/animals that they infested in Alienesque fashion.

The supporting actors are nothing to spray a can of Raid at either as Lance Henriksen and Clifton Collins, Jr. spend their time onscreen vying for the Best Scenery Chewer Award. Henriksen is always a joy to behold. I don’t know how many years the man has in him but when he dies it will be like losing a national treasure. As for Collins Jr. he pounds out movie after movie and TV show after TV show and continues to remain  reliable. Stung is much the richer for having these two in supporting roles.

What I didn’t like: Not very much; my biggest gripe was when O’Leary, Cook, Collins Jr. and Henriksen hide out from the wasps in the basement thereby killing any momentum the film has. It doesn’t last long, thank to Collins Jr.

What did I learn from this movie?: I used to deliver pizza for Domino’s many years ago and I can honestly and accurately say that the wealthy are notoriously bad tippers. I learned that I had no problem watching them get stung by giant mutant wasps with 12 inch stingers. It was actually kind of fun, thank you very much. Stung isn’t going to win any awards; that doesn’t mean it’s not an itchy, creepy and funny good time.





9 thoughts on “PRIME SUNDAY: STUNG

  1. I can’t wait to see this thing. And not just because you and I share in the pain of being stiffed by snooty rich pizza-ordering twits. That was always my least favorite part of the job, like you spend the effort to call in a pizza and even want someone to deliver it to your home so you don’t have to make any real effort to produce edible material that night. . . . . and then you don’t tip your driver? Really?

    • Tom, don’t get me started! I delivered to this country club once-they ordered 300-count them-300 pizzas; and not just cheese and pepperoni, either. I used the company truck to deliver them and I got there right on time and was courteous the entire time I was there which wasn’t long at all. The pizzas were unloaded and set up. This woman in a tennis outfit with legs that were so tanned and wrinkled that I started counting the wrinkles to determine her age (I estimated that she was born in 1776) walks up to me and slaps the check in my hand for the EXACT amount and walks away without a word. No thank you, no tip, nothing. Never have I wanted to pee on 300 pizzas so badly as I did that very day.

      • That’s so ridiculous. These people think that just because delivery drivers on occasion have bad attitudes or are ‘unambitious kids’ that means everyone is the same and should all be looked down upon. I really can’t stand that. Fast food isn’t glorious, and you still have to work really hard. And you are underpaid. Mostly b/c the franchisees believe drivers should be able to make up for the minimum wage with the tips they are given. Oh, the irony

        • On the other hand there was this one wealthy couple who would order every Saturday night and would tip very generously. There was also a doctor who, when you delivered to his office, would tip incredibly well. Those deliveries helped to cancel out the bad ones quite a bit.

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