In the candy-colored world of 1950’s suburbia, a reluctant housewife suspects that the friendly neighborhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret… but is it just the anesthesia, or is something more sinister hiding just below the surface?

Directed by Ryan Spindell.

Written by Ryan Spindell and Mark E. Davidson.

Starring Alison Gallaher, Brea Grant, Ptolemy Slocum.

Filmed in the United States of America.

13 minutes 34 seconds.

Here’s one that will probably make quite a few people cringe; especially those of us who find a trip to the dentist to be an experience akin to being the star of a snuff movie. It’s from 2012 so you may have seen it already. If you have then feel free to watch it again; if not then I invite you to enjoy The Root of the Problem right here on Short Film Saturday brought to you by the fine folks (well, just me) at Written in Blood!


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