A snail horror comedy about a group of friends that find themselves out of their element and in a whole lot of trouble.

Directed by Oliver Hilbert.

Written by Oliver Hilbert and Karl Wills.

Starring the voices of Campbell Cooley, Jodie Rimmer, Greg Johnson and Geoff Houtman.

Filmed in New Zealand by Media Design School

5 minutes, 6 seconds.

Here’s the thing: I was originally going to feature Escargore as my Short Film Saturday post about a month or so ago. But then the shooting in Paris occurred and because the film has a kind of/sort of French theme and a gory premise I wondered that it might be seen as insensitive and that would not have been my intention at all. So, I decided to wait a little while and feature it at a later date which of course is right here and right now. I hope I’ve waited long enough. It is not my intention to offend anyone or to seem crass or insensitive. My goal is to entertain you with these films and I believe this particular one will do just that. Escargore is a terrifically animated horror-comedy that had me laughing out loud while simultaneously shouting, “Oh no!” and “No, don’t go in there!”. I loved it and I hope all of you will, too. Enjoy it below.



8 thoughts on “SHORT FILM SATURDAY: ESCARGORE (2015)

  1. I don’t know why, but there isn’t a link or an embedded video for me to watch 😦 Will have to track it down on YouTube!

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