I was thinking that I could have made this the shortest write-up of any Scream Queen of the Month that I’ve ever featured. I figured I could write something like, “This is Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s hot, she’s sexy, she played Buffy and she’s the January 2016 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month” and be done with it. But alas, no man (nor woman) can exist on Buffy alone and neither can Sarah despite spending 7 seasons of her life as our favorite Bloodsucker booty kicker.

The daughter of Rosellen and Arthur Gellar, Sarah was born April 14th, 1977 in New York City, New York. She was discovered in a local restaurant by an agent at the age of four years old. She had her first role in 1983 in the TV Movie An Invasion of Privacy.

Sarah’s genre credits in both television and film include the aforementioned series Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1996-2003; Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer came in 1997 and she was the voice of Gwendy Doll in Joe Dante’s Small Soldiers in 1998; she made guest appearances on Angel, the BTVS spin-off from 1999 to 2000; she filled the go-go boots of Daphne in the live action remake of Scooby Doo in 2002 and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed in 2004; she starred in The Grudge and The Grudge 2 as Karen in 2004 and 2006; as Joanna Mills in the eerie The Return, also in 2006; The Air I Breathe in 2007 and Possession in 2008.

With the bulk of her career being in television, Sarah has starred or made appearances in Spenser: For Hire in 1988; Swans Crossing in 1992; a stint as Kendall Hart Lang on All My Children from 1993-1995 and in 2011; Ringer from 2011-2012 and The Crazy Ones from 2013-2014. She was a teenage Jacqueline Bouvier in the mini-series A Woman Named Jackie in 1991. She’s made guest appearances on Hercules (1998), Sex in the City (2000), God, the Devil and Bob (2001) and The Simpsons and American Dad in 2004, 2012 and 2011, 2012, respectively.

At the movies she’s shared a steamy, award-winning kiss with Selma Blair in 1999’s Cruel Intentions. She starred in Simply Irresistible, also in 1999, and in Harvard Man in 2001.

With 50 acting credits to her name in the IMDb, Sarah Michelle Gellar is not only hot, sexy and Buffy but she’s also busy, busy, and busy. Let’s welcome her with open arms as our January, 2016 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month. She certainly deserves it.


Her nickname is Sassy.

She’s 5’4″.

Big fan of Dr. Seuss. Hobbies: collects rare books, especially editions of classic children’s literature.

The Burger King commercial she did in 1982 was the first commercial to ever mention a competitor by name. Consequently, McDonald’s sued her as well as Burger King. She also couldn’t enter a McDonald’s unless she was in disguise due to truth in advertising (“I only eat at Burger King” was one of her lines in the commercial). Ironically, McDonald’s was a sponsor of the WB’s hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997).

Has said that if she wasn’t an actress she’d want to be a journalist or a writer of childrens books.

Is an only child; coincidentally, so is the original “Buffy Summers,” Kristy Swanson.


“Just because you donate sperm does not make you a father. I don’t have a father. I would never give him the credit or acknowledge him as my father.”-on the subject of her father.

“I’m always the one who gets killed. And I want it to be really gory. Body parts all over the place. Mangled!”-on the subject of horror movies.

” I got a computer and I’m learning how to use it. I collect antique books, so I used it to get my copy of ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses,’ and I use it for travel, to look up customs. I went to Fiji, and I looked up all this stuff before I went, like ‘Don’t wear a hat in someone’s house because it’s rude, and don’t wear shoes.’ You’ve got to think there’s something better I can do with my time than log on to the Internet and say, ‘Ooo, let’s find out about me!’ I think that would frighten me a little bit.”-on the subject of the internet.



  1. She still has one of the best almost Final Girl death scenes in all of horror from I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.
    I still get a bit misty eyed thinking about how close her Helen was to escaping the maniacal Gorton’s Fisherman.

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