A dead girl is slowly deteriorating as she reflects on the events that lead to her death.

Written and directed by Samantha Ferguson.

Starring Emily Coatman, Sean Paisley Collins and Caz Dawes.

Filmed in Australia.

10 minutes and 33 seconds.

Origin was voted best horror film for 2015 in Rue Morgue magazine in their annual awards issue. I can see why; Origin is subtle like a snake inching slowly towards its prey. This movie gets under your skin and it stays there making you think about what you’ve seen. Enjoy.



4 thoughts on “SHORT FILM SATURDAY: ORIGIN (2014)

  1. Hmm, very interesting. A slow burn, and for a minute there I was going to jump ship. Around the time the police show up, but I’m glad I hung in there until the end. Definitely worth it.

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