battle royale

Director Kinji Fukasaku has said that he based this movie on his experiences in World War II Japan, where he worked in a factory that was regularly bombed by Allied aircraft and many of his fellow workers were killed on their first or second day on the job and he never got to know any of them.



    • I actually discovered Battle Royale (and Audition) after reading Chris Jericho’s website. During his time in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling he said he had time to watch horror movies and those were two that he recommended strongly.

      • I must have strange parents because I found out about them from my dad, when I was a teenager lol. I’ve seen Audition as well but don’t love it like I do Battle Royale. Battle Royale is a film I can watch over and over agani but Audition was just good for the shock value really (for me anyway!) Sticky, sticky! Ha ha.

        I’ve watched the sequel to Battle Royale too but unfortunately didn’t like the vibe very much. It was quite different to the original movie.

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