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Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces.

Written by David Scullion.

Directed by Anthony Melton.

Starring Rachel Bright, Jake Hendriks, Beth Cooper, Kate Braithwaite, Martin Skipper, Ian Whyte and Ben Tillett.

Filmed in the United Kingdom.

13 minutes and 56 seconds.

Don’t Move has been around since 2013 so anything I say about it is going to be something you’ve already heard before and probably better. I will say that it is scary, bloody and damn good. It’s also film number 8 in the Bloody Cuts anthology; a series of what will be 13 short films that already include Suckablood, Stitches and Mother Died as well a few more. I can’t wait to check out the rest of them. For now, check out Don’t Move.


5 thoughts on “SHORT FILM SATURDAY: DON’T MOVE (2013)

  1. This was good. It reminds me of a full-length feature I saw on Netflix: Don’t Blink. With Mena Suvari and Brian Austin Green, I think? Nice little gory number. Nice way to spend 10 minutes, for sure.

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