Crystal Lowe

Did you know that in the ‘tanning beds of terror’ scene in Final Destination 3 that this month’s Scream Queen and December 2014 Scream Queen Chelan Simmons were the ultimate hot chicks? That was bad, I know; it’s my way of saying that if I featured one tanning bed twin as a Scream Queen that I should get around to featuring the other one, also.

Born January 20, 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (what do you know; I’m writing this on her birthday), the lovely Miss Lowe and her family moved to Hong Kong where she became fluent in the Cantonese language. A natural beauty, she has entered such modeling contests as “Miss Teen Oriental”. She has been a Sunshine Calendar Girl, done various magazine covers and appeared in numerous swimsuit competitions.

Crystal made her debut in the horror and thriller genre in 2000 with Sanctimony. She followed that up in 2001 with Children of the Corn: Revelation and in 2002 with the Christopher Nolan remake of Insomnia. In 2005 she starred in the lady vampire thriller Thralls and in 2006 was a sizzling star in Final Destination 3 as well as being Chingy’s girl in Scary Movie 4. Not done with horror in 2006 just yet she endured Snakes on a Plane and a fairly decent remake of Black Christmas. 2007 saw Miss Lowe in a bikini doing naughty things for the sake of fame in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Skipping to 2012 (she stayed busy in the five years between, don’t worry), she appeared in A Little Bit Zombie.

Crystal has a list of genre TV credits starting with The Twilight Zone episode “Harsh Mistress” in 2002. She played Lily in the Larry Cohen-directed episode of Masters of Horror “Pick Me Up” in 2006. 2008 found her in the TV movie Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon and in 2009 she made a guest appearance alongside the Winchester boys on Supernatural.

It is time that I put away the tasteless jokes about ‘hot chicks’ and ‘sizzling stars’ and invite you all to bid welcome to the February, 2016 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month: the lovely Crystal Lowe!

The Lowe-down on Lowe

Is good friends with actress Katharine Isabelle.

Is good friends with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. They were also roommates.

Her mother is Scottish, and her father is Chinese.

Crystal Clear Quotes

“There is so much about modeling that I don’t like! What I hate? It makes you so image conscious all the time. I like to be healthy and stay fit. I am constantly thinking that I have to weigh this much, which is always on my mind, regarding working out and watching what I eat.”



  1. Definitely dig the quotes on disliking the image consciousness of being a model. She knows where it’s at with the basic ideas of fitness and well-being. Great to hear from a model!

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