A fragile border separates our world from the realm of darkness, where nightmarish creatures await in the shadows. Only one thing is standing in their way: a secret order of priests, who devote their souls to protect this border. They are the ‘Deus Irae’.

Written and directed by Pedro Cristiani.

Starring Gastón Ricaud, Bernarda Pagés, Ana Pauls, Julia Perette, Simon Ratziel.

Filmed in Argentina.

13 minutes and 37 seconds.

I was all set to feature another short film (next week) before stumbling across Deus Irae. This one has it all: it’s scary, gory, has some great old school monster effects and it puts you in the middle of the action pretty much from the get-go. Plus when, I ask  you, is the last time you saw a priest sporting Wolverine claws? So press the play button below, sit back and enjoy the festivities, so to speak.



8 thoughts on “SHORT FILM SATURDAY: DEUS IRAE (2010)

  1. It definitely made me want to know more about the three “priests.” There were some solid effects here, especially when the ringleader took up the bedroom lamp. Yikes! Thanks for sharing this.

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