Do you know where your Teddy Bear really comes from?

Written and directed by Jason Butler and Brendan Butler.

Starring Luke Reilly, Una Kavanagh, Brendan McCormack and Brendan Conroy.

Filmed in Ireland.

8 minutes and 35 seconds.

I wasn’t going to watch this film. In no way was I going to watch what I considered to be a ridiculous teddy bear movie. No. way.

So why did I watch it? Damn if I know; but while I did something strange happened. I went from thinking ‘what kind of ridiculous crap is this’ to ‘run, little teddy bear, run!’ to ‘so putting the stuffing in the bears at Build-a-Bear Workshop is actually the second part of the process, if you don’t count killing the animal, and not the first.’ I must applaud filmmakers Jason Butler and Brendan Butler for turning me around on this one. I present to you for Short Film Saturday: Tufty.




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