When a woman turns out the lights, a figure appears, but when she turns them back on, it is gone.

Written and directed by David Sandberg.

Starring Lotta Losten.

Fright Meter Award: Best Short Horror Film (2014).

2 Minutes and 42 seconds.

I featured the trailer for the feature film adaptation of David Sandberg’s 2013 short film Lights Out on Friday Night at the Trailer Park. Since I have a lot on my mind concerning where my next place of employment is going to be (it’s complicated) I didn’t really feel too much like searching out a short film to feature. So, for those of you who that have been living under a rock with a meth addict and a one-legged prostitute named Eileen I figured I would feature the original short film for you. If you have seen it then it needs no introduction; if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat. Enjoy.



6 thoughts on “SHORT FILM SATURDAY: LIGHTS OUT (2013)

  1. I must say that I’ve not seen this until today (under-rock dwelling hermit, no addicts or hooker here) and yep, it got me good.

    Can’t say that about the full version’s trailer only because it’s edited like almost every other horror flick’s these days. I did like the Silent Hill (game) vibe coming from certain imagery, but I’ll hold my breath that the now extended plot has more than the angry little demon girl ghostface killah thing happening like so many modern horror flicks (that are all jump scares and no suspense).

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