A girl follows a trail of dark liquid into a building and witnesses the birth of five creatures that threaten the world.

Written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic.

Starring Skyler Wexler.

Filmed in Canada.

12 minutes and 12 seconds.

To me The Captured Bird plays out like a child’s nightmare, threatening and just off center of reality. One of the producers is Guillermo del Toro and I must say that after this I am of the opinion that the man loves to scare the piss (pardon the term) out of kids. I digress. Here, for your viewing pleasure I present to you The Captured Bird. Enjoy.



      • I felt like the editing needed to be tighter. I understand the need to build dread but some shots stayed too long. As if maybe the effects added later moved too slowly or there needed to be more shots at the beginning when she is entering the estate to build a sense of her disappearing into this large structure. Maybe the score needed more impact in those early scenes but this all makes me sound negative about it. Truth is, I thought the effects looked great, the score was effectively moody and it was a great short film that got across that sense of a child like nightmare.

        • This is what I get for asking you to elaborate. :D. Seriously, you make good points. I liked when you first see the estate that there (to me) was this feeling of “oh geez this thing is swallow this kid right up” even before you know what awaits her inside. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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