P.J. Wolff’s 9 Minutes is a uniquely suspenseful and atmospheric science fiction short. The film takes place in Joshua Tree, a scenic and secluded desert area two hours east of Los Angeles, where the lead character, played by Joshua Leonard (Blair Witch Project, Humpday, If I Stay), is completing the construction of his vacation home while his dog Jett accompanies him and guards the perimeter. Leonard wakes up to a jolting and violent bang outside his home. He goes to investigate, blacks out for nine minutes, and all we have left is cell phone footage to guide us through those forgotten minutes.

Written and directed by P.J. Wolff.

Starring Joshua Leonard and Jett.

Filmed in the United States in Joshua Tree, California.

Fifteen minutes and three seconds.

Does 9 Minutes fit more into the genre of science fiction than horror? A slow-paced film with what I find to be a genuine and satisfying performance from Joshua Leonard, I believe that it fits somewhere between the two genres. But that’s just my opinion; check it out ↓ and let me know what you think. Enjoy.



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