A teenage boy (played by Jake Holmes) finds himself being stalked and tormented by a mysterious figure whom he believes to be the mythical being known as ‘Slender Man’. Is the ordeal real or is it just in his head? And can he find a way to end this nightmare?

Written, directed and edited by Eddie Adamson.

Starring Jake Holmes and Jordan Scott.

Filmed in the United Kingdom.

Fifteen minutes and fifty-two seconds.

I couldn’t decide what to feature this week (happens a lot) and since I’ve never featured a Slenderman tale I thought why not choose Victim? To quote writer-director-editor Eddie Adamson,  “This is a Short Horror film I made for my last college project of the year in Creative Media Production. We were given the chance to each make a film of our own choice, of varied length and subject matter. My film is based around a teenage boy who finds himself being stalked by the mythical being ‘Slender Man’ over a period of days. It has been heavily inspired by the game ‘Slender’ by Parsec Productions, as well as many Horror Films I have been influenced by.”

Here’s hoping you enjoy Victim.





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