A horror film about three friends who drive to a haunted field in search of a girl who’s mysteriously disappeared.

Written and directed by Jimmy Ren.

Starring James Waller, Bethany Yim, Oliver Wang, Nani Pacal, and Claire Chen.

Filmed in Dixon, California.

14 minutes and 5 seconds.

From the YouTube page for Stranded:  “Based on our favorite Japanese horror movies like “The Ring” and “The Grudge“, this is Glass Pixel Studio’s first attempt at a horror movie. Filmed in 2009 in Dixon, California on a shoe-string budget — please forgive the bad dialogue and the corny special effects.”

Why did I choose Stranded for this weeks  Short Film Saturday? Because it’s a first attempt at a horror film and despite being made on an (admittedly) shoestring budget I believe it is an excellent effort. It’s not perfect; it is an example of making the best of the money you have to work with and putting out a film you can be proud of. The filmmakers behind Stranded have every reason to be proud and I for one hope to see more from them. Check it out ↓.




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