I don’t write reviews anymore. After an asshole on Facebook took offense at my scathing review of Under the Skin all the fun of it was sucked right out of me. But Michael Thomas-Knight, although I have never stood face to face with him or shook his hand, is a friend; he sent me a free copy of Skin Job and asked if I would review it on Written in Blood or at Amazon. I said yes, but then regretted my decision. I tried to get out of it citing a new and busier work schedule (the truth) and Mike just said  something to the effect of ‘hey, take your time and get to it when you get to it.’ How could I say no to that and how could I say no to a friend?

Skin Job is  Book 7 in the Car Nex series. Having never read the previous 6 I had no idea what a Car Nex was. Was it a person or animal, vegetable or mineral? None of the above, Car Nex is short for Carnivore of the Nexus and it is one bad-ass and hungry demon that will chew you up and spit you out before you can blink, run or pray. Actually it doesn’t spit you out but instead swallows you whole, bones and all.

When Alex, a tattoo artist living in New York City, is disrespected by Johnny Needles, another tattoo artist who sets up shop near Alex and takes away his customers (something I learned from reading this tale that you do not ever do), Alex sets forth a plan for revenge that leads him to call forth the mighty Car Nex to send Johnny Needles to that Great Tattoo Parlor in the Sky. The only setback is once you’ve called forth a carnivorous demon to do your dirty work then how the hell do you get it to leave after the work is done? The answer is simple: you don’t. The rest of the story centers around Alex trying to survive long enough to figure out how to undo the bloody and gory mess that Car Nex is leaving in it’s wake and to send the demon back to whatever zip code in Hell that it came from.

Michael keeps us turning the pages with just the right amount of suspense, gore and a little bit of a romance between Alex and Johnny’s sister, Miya. The story is scary, funny at times and never, ever boring. A short tale at roughly 60 pages you’ll be done in no time and left wanting more. That’s a good thing by the way. Highly recommended.

Get your copy of Skin Job right here.



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  2. I’m so glad other people spoke up about asshats. I’ve had monsters turning me into a monster all over the online world and Facebook was a big place I found them. My block list on Facebook has to be the length of my arm. I already knew I wanted a limited audience, said it repeatedly on every podcast minus the radio dramas. I have never had so much misconstruing of my person in my entire life. These people got a piece of technology that is based on information, and choice, neither of which they use in any educated sense. Not only that I have had gobs of people acting toward me as if they are my mother (which irritates me AND my mother). They behave like they’re in grade school, which means they truly need to be babysat and only allowed pre-school television shows.

    It was so good to read this book review. I often wondered what a review of a Pit episode would be like from you, but I’ve just been grateful as ever to have found Written in Blood and your support when neglect from the supposedly “friendly” fandom world left me to silence and confusion. Bless you!

  3. Woah, I didn’t know that story. I had noticed a change in tone of your blog and I do like the weekly features Alt poster Mondays and Friday Trailers but never knew there was a reason for it. I wouldn’t let some FB trolls in a sense censor your opinions because they want to be bullies or pick a fight. There’s plenty of them on FB looking to argue for the sake of it. That’s why I like the blogger community better – it seems we have a mutual respect for each others opinions and can like and dislike different things as a matter of opinion. Just know that any opinion in the blog community is respected by fellow bloggers at a higher level because we are all writers, not just reactionary commenters. And thanks for the review 🙂

    • I have always believed and known that the people here in the WordPress blogging community are some of the most respectful people I have ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. I posted my first post on 11/28/2010 and in that time I think I have had maybe 3 comments from people who were rude or otherwise being a jerk. That’s 3 or 4 out of 7, 841 approved comments. Those are pretty good odds. Oh, and you’re quite welcome.

  4. Reblogged this on parlor of horror and commented:
    My Novelette, Skin Job reviewed at Written in Blood
    I’m very excited to get a review from an honored and respected horror blogger in the community, one of the “Long time Bloggers Club,” JMount’s Written in Blood. John’s was one of the first blogs I ever followed as a new blogger and he was the very first person to like a post of mine. When I started blogging about horror flicks and books those many years ago, I thought about writing a book or story that was like the horror movies we reviewed. I wondered to myself if John would review it on Written in Blood and imagined what it would be like. Now it has happened and I’m glad I was able to share this moment with my Long Time bloggers and the freinds I have made in the blogging community. So please stop by Jmount’s Written in Blood and read what he has to say. While you’re there, look around and be sure to follow his blog for his exciting weekly features and horror news.

  5. So many people out there offering their unsolicited opinions. Sorry to hear that this articular twit sucked the joy out of it for you 😦 Glad to see that you enjoyed this though, it was quite a fun one!

    • It was indeed a fun one. What happened was this ass hat attacked me in a group on Facebook for everyone to see. Basically it boiled down to his opinion was the only right one.

      • Ugh, people like that are the pits. Not everyone is going to like/dislike the same thing. Thank goodness, otherwise diversity would be out the window. But when people don’t accept that other people might feel differently for whatever reasons and that they are the only right ones? Total asshats!

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