March rolls on and here are ten more alt-posters to keep it moving.

Edward Scissorhands by Chris Skinner

Fight Club by Tomer Hanuka

Hellraiser by Bastien Deharme

Kong: Skull Island by Randy Queen, Martin Able and Gino Acevedo

Labyrinth by Tracie Ching

Motoko (Ghost in the Shell) by Jeany Ngo

Night of the Living Dead by J. Wrig

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Lon Chan

The Raven by Francesco Francavilla

The Wolf Man by Laurent Durieux


20 thoughts on “ALT-POSTR-MONDAY FOR MARCH 20, 2017

  1. Thank GOD! Edward Scissorhands. I really needed to see that today! And, oddly enough, I love the feminine style of Pinhead tonight. I needed that to focus on as well… Kong’s savage fury I am down with and the serpent coiled about him. I feel like that primate vs. reptile thing that keeps coming up needs recognition. And you’ll have no argument in bestowing a loving Labyrinth in my direction. ❤ Rogue One in the Alphonse Muchas mode, nicely done, Lon Chan.

    Good LORD! Well I’m snaggin’ this flat in a computer folder for one of my all time FAVOURITE films: Roger Corman’s “The Raven”. Kids? THAT is what we had to live with before all y’all were star-struck with Tim Burton! We had Roger Corman. That was our flashy, spoof-frenzy fun. I request a poster for the film: “You’ll Find Out” now! (And email me when you do, b/c sometimes I miss these postings.)

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  3. You know what….they’re all my number one pick. I’m just not choosing I love them all. Now just out of curiosity, the Labryinth I think has featured before and even a couple more look familiar. Is my memory playing tricks on me? Anyway how good are they. Felicity Jones so sexy, a comic book cover for Skull Island, the heartbreak of that moment in Edward Scissorhands, The Raven and Night of the Living Dead just gorgeous and pulpy, something naughty in the drops around Ghost in the Shell, a great idea articulated in the torment of The Wolfman, a modern twist on Fight Club, Labryinth so 80s and beautiful I’m sure I picked it as a winner in the past and Hellraiser just a great poster.

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