I present to you the first batch of alt-posters for the month of April. I hope you like viewing them as much as I liked presenting them.

Army of Darkness by Godmachine

Big Trouble In Little China by Jason Edmiston

The Silence of the Lambs by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Ghost In The Shell – The Major by Craig Drake

Godzilla by JB Roux

Kong Skull Island by Tibor Lovas

Metropolis by William Stout

Taxi Driver by Rich Kelly

The Graduate by Tomer Hanuka

The Iron Giant by Laurent Durieux


19 thoughts on “ALT-POSTR-MONDAY FOR APRIL 3, 2017

    • It’s hard to find work by Godmachine that doesn’t show someone’s fingers holding up the poster. I get a feeling he’s fearful of having his work stolen. I can’t say I blame him; can be frustrating though.

  1. I’m digging Iron Giant and loving Taxi Driver but you know what old Jack Burton would say, he’d say that even though Kim Catthrall looks more like Rob Lowe in this poster this is a damn fine poster and is clearly the winner!

  2. I have Metropolis coming up for my April Blindspot review selection. Looking forward to finally seeing that iconic work.

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