Can you believe that this year is already a third of the way over? To close out the month of April I present to you 10 more alt-posters that I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Alien by N.C. Winters

Batman by Mike Mahle

Casablanca – Sam Gets Requests by Laurent Durieux

Fargo: Season 2 by Lee Thomas

Pieces by Joshua Kelly

Pinocchio by Kilian Eng

Rope by Laurent Durieux

Rosemary’s Baby by Greg Ruth

The Devil’s Backbone by Lola Beltran

They Live by Christopher Shy


18 thoughts on “ALT-POSTR-MONDAY FOR APRIL 24, 2017

  1. I sincerely love the Fargo and Rope poster. I’m currently watching the second season. It’s got a great colour to it. I’ve read and seen Rosemary’s baby which is great. There’s a second novel to it but I haven’t read it yet.

      • Oh thank you very much for such a kind comment. Weirdness is certaibly the cornerstone of my heart. ☺

        I too feel happy to have come across your site, there is much to look foward to and I wouldn’t want it any other way. ☺

      • Oh thank you very much for thinking so. A little part of my weirdness is certainly the cornerstone in my heart. I too feel glad to have come cross your site as there is much to look toward to as it is genuinely nice to follow such posts.
        P.s I apologise if my comment sent out wasn’t showing up on my side at first.

  2. oh man! You got me with that Rosemary’s Baby poster! That’s grim, but also kind of hilarious from the shock.

    Pinocchio was pretty darn spectacular with all the magic floating around the toy shop in the artwork. I remember replays in theaters for that movie.

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