Goodbye to April and hello to May; here’s ten cool posters to start your day.

Alien by Richard Davies

Batman by Casey Callender

Chinatown by Nelson Gonçalves

Forrest Gump by Daniel Nash

Ghost In The Shell by Amien Juugo

Jurassic Park by Dan Hipp

La La Land – Here’s to the Fools Who Dream… by Stan & Vince

Legend By Beery

Mary Poppins by Marc Aspinall

The Graduate by Laurent Durieux


25 thoughts on “ALT-POSTR-MONDAY FOR MAY 1, 2017

  1. I arrive quite late as I’ve been unwell to see the posters that await..once again you present such delightful art. I adore the Mary Poppins one it’s what’s the word..supercalafragilistic expialidocious! And of course ChinaTown is such a wonderful movie- “you know what happens to nosy fellas? No..okay..they lose their noses”.

  2. Man, the love for the Alien saga. I am riveted at how pristine Ripley appears behind her space helmet! The Batman poster is simple, iconic and very appealing in the winged aspect. Colour stands out for Chinatown. Fun with Jurassic Park adding that comic book element. Similar with Legend! Wow! I’d never thought of that film in such a light. I definitely approve of that London Fog feeling for Mary Poppins! Well done.

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