BROKEN-United Kingdom-2006

Nadja Brand as Hope

Abbey Stirling as Holly

Written and Directed by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes


I’m not sure how to say this in a delicate manner, so I’ll just say it. I refuse to waste time reviewing this misogynistic piece of garbage. 90 minutes of my life was wasted watching this pile of excrement. You want my review? That’s my review. I have more respect for women in my little finger than the makers of this film have in their entire bodies. This may not be a popular post and it may not get me a whole bunch of page views; but instead of a review I am including a list of links to organizations that help in the fight against rape and domestic violence. I’m sorry this isn’t my usual happy go lucky humorous review. This is a matter I feel strongly about; so maybe next time, folks.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Organization for Women

Rape Abuse and Incest National Network

Center Against Domestic Violence

The sites I have listed are just for starters. Each one will have information that will help you should you decide to become involved or if you need help in any way.

Oh yeah, no blood drops. Enough said.