I believe this may be the first time that a Power Ranger has been a Scream Queen of the Month. Miss Vincent was Maya the Yellow Galaxy Ranger in several episodes and incarnations of the TV series.

Born February 7, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cerina’s contributions to the horror genre began in 2000 with Fear Runs Silent. In 2002 she starred in Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever. 2004 found her in Murder-Set-Pieces and 2005 found her in both Intermedio and It Waits. She was up on Sasquatch Mountain in 2006 and in 2008 she was Toxic (or at least that was the title of the movie). She starred in the comedy-horror series Zombie Family for the “Death of a Salesman” episode and  in the The Walking Dead: WebisodesCold Storage: Parting Shots” in 2012. She appeared in the short film Skypemare in 2013 and finally in the “Bad Seed” segment of Tales of Halloween in 2015.

Let us welcome our September, 2016 Written in Blood Scream Queen of the Month: Cerina Vincent!



SynopsisA flesh-eating virus makes a meal of 5 teens on spring break in a remote wood cabin in this update of Eli Roth’s classic gorefest, with all-new characters and all-new kills.

I’m sure that by now a lot of you have already seen the trailer for the Cabin Fever remake. I’ve seen it on at least two blogs that I know a lot of you also follow. To make a long story short I’m feeling a little lazy and plus I have to take my wife to an appointment and therefore don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this week’s post.

Directed by Travis Zariwny and written by Randy Pearlstein from an original screenplay by Eli Roth, Cabin Fever will star Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis, Dustin Ingram, and Nadine Crocker. The film is set for limited release in the United States beginning February 12, 2016. Check out the trailer and poster below.



HOSTELUnited States-94 Mins. 2005

Written and Directed by Eli Roth


Jay Hernandez as Paxton

Derek Richardson as Josh

Eythor Gudjonsson as Oli

Barbara Nedeljakova as Natalya

Jana Kaderabkova as Svetlana

also starring

Jennifer Lim as Kana

Jan Vlsasek as The Dutch Businessman

and Rick Hoffman as The American Client

Hostel is by far one of my favorite horror films of all time. I have watched this film countless times and each time has been as fresh and exciting as the last. My blog today is going to be about what I specifically liked about this film. First of all one of the main things that comes to mind is the script. At first glance you might get the impression that the film is basically about three horny college guys backpacking across Europe in search of drugs and sex who are drawn into the nightmarish world of a society that provides victims for people who want to kill someone. Then when you look a little deeper you begin to see all the little things that make a difference. For instance, Josh and Paxton are from America and have probably never been outside of the United States. It is easy to see that they still have that ‘invincibility’ factor that a lot of young people seem to have. ‘I am young and I am strong and I am American. Nothing is going to happen to me’. What these guys don’t realize is that they could have left at any time but instead let their libidos’  lead them and not their brains.

Another aspect of the film that I enjoyed was the scene involving Oli’s death. The only thing you see is his decapitated head on the work table and his headless body on the floor in the background, still handcuffed to the chair. You know in what way he was murdered; but you don’t know how it was achieved. That, in itself, added to the fact that he is a likable character to begin with, makes his death all the more horrifying.

Also, I though it was genius of Eli Roth to use the great Japanese director Takashi Miike in a brief encounter with Paxton to emphasis the coldness of the men (and women as Hostel: Part II reveals) who pay top dollar in order to kill another human being. Miike tells Paxton ‘You could spend all your money in there’ as if he were describing a department store or hardware store and not a human slaughterhouse.

Finally the music was another strong point in the film. This is true especially in the final third of the film when Paxton is on the run from the organization and is fleeing for his life. Nathan Barrs’ soundtrack matches Paxton’s desperation and utter fear step by step all the way to the final moments of the film.

Hostel has been accused of being one of the films that started the ‘torture porn’ movement that is prevalent in films such as Saw and Captivity. Why? Is it because it shows scenes of people being killed in violent ways by depraved people? What about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? That movie depicted people being bashed in the head and shoved onto meat hooks by equally depraved people. Why did no one accuse that film of being torture porn? I love TCM, don’t get me wrong. I just think that the accusations toward Hostel are shaky at best.

So, those are my reason as to why I love Hostel and feel that it will one day be considered one of the greatest horror films of all time. Remember, John Carpenters’ The Thing was ridiculed when it first appeared in 1982 and it is now considered a classic.


Eli Roth wrote the role of Oli for Eythor Gudjonsson after he met him doing press for Cabin Fever in Iceland. Roth was so taken with Eythor’s charisma and charm, he promised he’d make put him in a movie one day. Eythor was surprised when he saw that Roth had followed through with his promise, and happily accepted the role.

The porn film the guard at the factory watches on the DVD player is Sex Fever, the X-rated parody of Roth’s first film Cabin Fever.

The #1 Scariest Movie of All Time on Bravo’s TV Special “100 Scariest Movie Moments: Even Scarier Moments.”